February 25th, 2002


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Chad has a microsoft interview today. The people in Wenatchee more or less just jerked him around. I've got my fingers crossed for him for the microsoft gig... but it ensures that within the next year, he'll be unemployed again.

MS used to have a bad habit of treating their contractors like actual MS employess (except they got paid overtime). He worked there before for a ... uhmm a year and a half? Two years?
Their rules actually entail that a contractor can only be contracted for X number of days and then not again for another X number of days. So, now that there's been a class action suit and so forth, they've become rather fastidious about their employment of contractors and they follow *all* the rules now.

But still. I hope he gets the job. But if he doesn't, things are still looking up.

I don't like my communities.
I need new ones I think.
Or ... I need a life. Whichever happens first.

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aside from the moodier than thou goths... aside from the fairy freaks... aside from the RPG obsessed 15 year olds ... aside from the people who've lost their personalities to anime...

I think I'm most impressed with the special sort of egotism that allows women to call their journals... their journal "name" ... after a goddess.

If I could just muster that sort of self esteem, man...

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I'm going to make a lil frame around my face using post-it notes with random drawings on them and take pictures.

Or maybe I'll take a bath...

ooh... Steve Martin "Pure Drivel" is an excellent book and irrefuteable proof that Mr. Martin is a fan of mescaline.
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I forgot how much in love I could be with music. How utterly enamoured of it I could become. And it's just like being love with a person... as soon as you start describing the feelings and those things that let you know the magic seeps out a little around your word. The descriptive phrases are just corrosive and they make the colors weep and bleed fading out the sure bold 64 box of crayola love.

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