March 4th, 2002


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yahoo.groups has decided that it doesn't know who I am.
I mean, I can sign in, but it's forgotten that I'm in *any* groups.
I'm not subscribed to anything, apparently.

I was yesterday ...

I should make more cookies today. And maybe some muffins?
hehe.. muffins. it's just a fun word.. say it.

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The loa whose task it is to open the door to the other loa or spirits called in ritual. The other loa or spirits can not enter if Legba does not open the door. Derived from a great solar and phallic deity of Dahomey, Legba carries the words of the voodooists between the visible and the invisible worlds. He usually presents himself as an elderly black male using a cane, but nonetheless he is the powerful Guardian of the Centerpost and the Opener of the Gates.
Papa Legba's words resound through the crossroads to those spaces where tales take on form and gently swing between the Visible and Invisible Worlds. He represents the power of the ability of the Word to make fertile the World, and he is the keeper of the Gate between the Worlds.

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I've sacrificed my nails to the gods of clean stoves. I've no idea when that thing was last cleaned. I know now that I would have no problem licking it. But when I started, I actually thought that parts of it were orange, only to discover that they were metallic silver. Verra verra nasty.
And, given that I was using steel wool and the most potent degreasing agents I could lay hands on, I've got a chemical headache and hands that feel like they were made out of some sort starched burlap.
And I have some incredibly soft hands usually. Ask anyone who's penis I've touched.
Go on... ask.

Apparently it made me a lil kookie too.
But that's a chicken/egg sort of thing.
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