March 8th, 2002


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Icq is pulling its usual dumbfuckery. If you would like to converse with my loveliness you'll have to find me on irc.

I like trolling #seattle_gothic (or whatever it is.. I can't ever remember...)
they're mostly HNGs with only a tiny sprinkling of guys (and chicks) who aren't looking for someone to juuuuuuuust looooooooooooove theeeeeeeeeem. (for tonight)

heh. Blame Chad for this opinion.
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I stretched over to smack the snooze button.
I'm not long enough.
I put one foot down, I put both hands down on the floor.
Attempt to stretch across again.
*nearly* got it.

I scoot out further. i won't just get up. I just stretch out further.
one leg *almost* in the bed. Crab position on the floor. Reach one hand up. Smack the snooze.
And then I *stand* *up* and get back into bed.

It all made perfect sense while I was doing it.

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My sister will be coming to stay for the weekend. I wish she'd get a damned washer and dryer. Well... I didn't used to. Just recently she's really started to twang my nerves. Something about her general attitude. Her tones of voice... it's like I'm 15 again and she's Her Preppiness giving me shit for having too many colors of hair. She seemed perpetually just a little put off by me.
And, spending a weekend around her gets annoying enough that I would prefer to avoid it.

I think I'm going to try to make the bananas ripen through the sheer will of mind.
I want to make banana bread.

Slam/Spoken word performance women who call themselves "Queen" are immediately suspect.

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whiplash posted an article (from where, I dunno) in debate with a critique of some of the topics on this website. Mainly the pro-molestation movement (at least that's how it was characterized in the article).
What it really is is pro-pederasty.
You know.. the same message as NAMBLA... except they're wrapping it in the ideals of personal and sexual freedom and expression.

Sure... the ancient greeks, romans did it.
Sure. They thought it was just fine.. natural for a straight man to have a wife, a mistress and a prepubescent boy lover. Just experiences the whole spectrum.
And yes, they were a great society.

But they also had laws saying it was illegal to pee while wearing a ring with the emporers face on it. And they pissed in the streets in urns that tanners poured off of for their use in tanning leathers.

Not all ideas of a great civilization are great.

I think what's worse about this is that these organizations confuse and mislead a lot of straight society into thinking that *all* gay men feel this way. They're such a tiny slice of the pie. But, of course, the more abherrant the situation, the more we tend to focus on it.. right?

A grown man "loving" a 12 year old is *not* alright.
It's just not. I don't need logic or reason to tell me so.
It just isn't okay.

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My mom looked down this morning at this stack of CDs I have sitting here and saw this

click the pic for more DMX pictures... all the same poopy quality unfortunately

and said "ewwwwwww!"
And then "is that what you're listening to right now?"
"so what's his story?"
and I said "He's a nasty nigga"

And that was good enough for her.
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scattered thoughts

I weeded the garden for about an hour today.
I'm sunburnt.
I was feeling peppy and busy most of the day so I didn't think about food. I *just* ate for the first time today. No wonder I was getting so edgy and starting to feel out of it.
Apparently "I'm going to cook dinner" translates into "I want everyone to stand in the middle of the kitchen while I manouver around you and attempt to cook a meal you guys asked for. Oh, and critique my technique. I love that."
I watched part of a thing about hysteria over supposed satanic cults in Gilmer Texas. Very interesting.
Chad created this banner:

for the sole purpose of giving it to a guy who had an icon snatched from the movie Hackers.
He's delightfully evil like that.
It was pretty wonderful getting to play in the dirt today. Tomorrow I think I'll attack another leg of the cleaning project. If I can just.. come up with a storage scheme it will all work out.
I'm finding that I kind of enjoy Moby. But I still prefer Aphex Twin.

I bore me sometimes.
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