March 9th, 2002


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Space Imaging photos of the pentagon and the WTC and downtown Manhattan

Translate stuff into Semaphore or Maritime Symbol flags

Space imagery

"The Japanese have what could be called an "interesting" grammatical structure, but could also be called "confusing", "random", "bogus" or "evil". To truly understand this, let's examine the differences between Japanese and English grammar.

English Sentence:
Jane went to the school.

Same Sentence In Japanese:
School Jane To Went Monkey Apple Carbeurator.

Japanese grammer is not for the faint of heart or weak of mind. What's more, the Japanese also do not have any words for "me", "them", "him, or "her" that anyone could use without being incredibly insulting (the Japanese word for "you", for example, when written in kanji, translates to"I hope a monkey scratches your face off"). Because of this, the sentence "He just killed her!" and "I just killed her!" sound exactly the same, meaning that most people in Japan have no idea what is going on around them at any given moment. You are supposed to figure these things out from the "context", which is a German word meaning "you're screwed"."

translate to japanese

I ... I have too much time on my hands apparently.
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This chick has her thong on sideways.

The skinny bit on her left hip should be riding her crack.
mentally take it off and turn it to the left and it'll start to look right.

And this is one of her user icons, ferchrissakes.

dumb sluts rule.
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I've been informed that I must tell this chick:

this is another of her user icons.</a>Which are obstensibly boobs, but could very well be a buttocks.

That in this pic...

(can ya tell that I just like posting this pic?)
Her thong is on wrong.

Now. How the hell do you go about doing something like that?
She's from Davenport, Iowa.
This may have been her first thong encounter.


I felt weird about the link in the photo, so I removed it. So miss boobs/thong remains anonymous. :::nods::

So how do I break it to this chick that her thong is on sideways?

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Scared the hell out of my sister with this: What's wrong with this picture?
( I know some of you have seen it... for those who haven't... just let your eyes unfocus.. it's a lil hard to see... but it's there.. just give it time)
I'm going to make some orange cookies.
My conscience has been gnawing at me over just about everything. I don't know if that means that I've been particularly worthy of guilt (free range, generalized guilt) or if I've just been particularly normal and feel particularly neurotic.

guilty and weird enough that I changed that last post about 6 times.

I just have to remember that I'm rather endomorphic. And being squeamish about something for a period of time doesn't mean I've necessarily changed. It just means that for the moment, those bits of me that would enjoy whatever it is are in flux.

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Some Filipino lady keeps calling and spewing at me in Tagalog. I can't get her to understand that she has the wrong number. She's called 4 times now.

She says something.
I say "I think you have the wrong number"
She says something else.
I say "I don't speak tagalog, you have the wrong number"
She says something at length and then hangs up.
And calls back 5 minutes later and the whole thing is repeated.

If this were happening in the middle of the night, it would be vaguely frightening. As it is, she's just interrupting my baking and it's getting hard not to laugh hysterically at her.
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what do you do when your boyfriend is on the other side of the country and you're sitting around feeling sorry for yourself because you're insanely lonely and getting worn out by the distance?


stop feeling sorry for yourself.

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