March 10th, 2002


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Why the hell am I so tired? Bleh. No energy lately. I know *why*, really... it's just frustrating. I've been better about the eating and the vitamins and so forth. I'm trying, dammit.
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Read it before it's gone!

I really can't believe this guy.
mental illness?
Making it up as he goes along?

You harass a lot of people. You threaten them. You stalk some of them.
They finally get tired of it and decide almost enmass to do something about you and your bullshit. So you .. what? Play victim?
I'm suprised that some of the debate people are over there cheering him on. I'd actually thought them better.

"I know where you live" is not a death threat, dippy.
Hell, *I* know where you live.
Give me 5 minutes and LOTS of people will know where you live.
It's still not a death threat.