March 12th, 2002


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I was trying to find a lil app program to help me out with a little issue I've been having and thought I'd found what I needed.
And then I realized it was source.
*just* source.

That's not going to help me. I'm not that big of a geek.

By the way ... How do these people actually pull off not calling this a security site with big disclaimers of not condoning or encouraging blah blah.. just there for educational.. blah blah ?
Is it just becuase it's not a US site?

It doesn't so much disturb me that they've ressurected the Random Game but that they saved all those aol backgrounds... from the message board and from the HO portions of the board.

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I'm going to do a lil more cleaning today. Not because I feel compelled to in order to stop thinking... not at all.
Because I'm tired of knocking things off this supposedly horizontal surface in the dining room that has something like a 1/72 scale version of the topography of everest.

I live amoungst packrats and pilers.
*this* *will* *not* *stand*... (becuase they piled too much crap on top of it)

It won't be too much of a pain.. just throwing away the crap and organizing what's left. I could do it all today, but I won't. little steps are better. ::nods::

I scraped that stem and came up with .. oh .. just about nothing. That was dissapointing. It *looked* nearly occluded. it was all just an illusion.

Despite the crying jag yesterday and the nearly off the deepend frustration, it was good. ANd I felt very very loved. Still do.
So it was worth it to clear my eyes and head a little. To see what I've got.

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Some people...
Some people just make me vomit.
Not all the time.. just sometimes... but.. well.. that's enough.

I'm a grumpy person.
I sometimes *wish* I weren't... but I am... It's not ALL that I am. Not even close. In fact, as long as my life isn't playing silly buggers with me I'm a happy silly sort of person who has nothing bad to say about anyone.

But it's rare that my life isn't playing silly buggers with me.

And some people make me fucking vomit.

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If ever there was a movie created to be the MOST depressing movie ever... well... okay .. the most depressing american movie ever (german *comedies* are kind of morose) it would be a toss up, I think, between Deep Impact and What Dreams May Come.

I'm sure I could think of some others if I really put my mind to it.
But I remember feeling like crap after seeing What Dreams May Come. It was just... horrid. Horrid horrid horrid. Not even ENTERTAINING horrid.
It was just depressive, bleak, and uninteresting.
*bad* combination.

Deep Impact I just saw for the first time.
Basically... if you live east of the ohio or tenesee river valley, don't watch this movie.
They actually NAME MY CITY ON A SIGN in the way of the incoming path of water.
And we're not that famous of a damned city. Yes, I realize they showed scenes of new york being destroyed... but it's new york.
EVERY disaster movie shows it being destroyed.
Well, except for the volcano movies we had.

I don't usually watch disaster movies. I watched this one because I knew Chad liked it. And I made a lil list of movies awhile back that Chad liked and I hadn't seen.

I'm going to have to rewind it, I think... to see where the hell the two kids lived. WHERE were they that they could get up a mountain and be safe *that* fast?
I don't buy it.

So,... I think I'll have some coffee now. ::nods::
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"see this puppet show..."
::puppet says : "I feel sick... I feel *dirty*"::::
"and see how its being used to help prevent child abuse"

that's what I have to say to that.

If they're old enough to get the message of a puppet show, 1/4 of them have already been molested. I'm amazed that they keep coming up with these new and innovated methods of stopping child abuse, and they're the same thing over and over and over and over since the 60s.