March 14th, 2002


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I'm cranky today. *very* cranky. Very very.
I'm trying to ingest a lot of coffee to flip that mood over a little. But, well.. it's slow going (because I do things like accidentally flip a *chunk* of sugar into the coffee so it tastes more like coffee syrup than coffee and it's vile... I'll be dumping it out in a sec) and I don't know if it will work.

The Islamic Militant who killed that reporter... Daniel?David?Pearl... killed him with an axe to teach America and Jews a lesson. ::thumbs up:: taught them that times *haven't* changed, more like it.

I had a nice long rant about american foreign policy and the american corporate media machine last night. And Chad didn't even scream at me or nod off ::grin::
I think we actually *agreed* on most of it too. It was amazing. Because he's pretty amazing.
Feelin the looooove from him in a big way.
Because he just rocks, ya know.

And I somehow pulled the muscle that spans the gap between shoulder and arm on the inside... the weird edge pit muscle that's crammed up against that tendon... So I keep flexing it. Because it feels weird, ya know.

Yes, I picked scabs.
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Okay. A post about an idiot on christiana's journal made me have to go look at the damned WCOTC site again and I found the thing above. The jewish confession. Presented by the site, it's a confession of exactly how the jews have been controlling us for years.
But read it.
Read it (it's long, but I *like* it, dammit) and you'll see the point of the jewish author.
The fact that they used this as a *confession* of the jewish manifesto is the most amazing thing to me and such easy proof of their lack of intelligence.

I was oddly impressed.

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Trying to find info about the icon that was on one of the microsoft servers Chad was telling me about I found a bunch of other stinky monkey stuff.

Chad just pointed out that this, from Stinky Monkey Tattoos, is a really cool logo.. and I must agree...

I dunno if I'd want to get a tattoo from the blood dripping tooth monkey people, though.

Request Please

Just a general shout out to anyone who knows geeks, is a geek, or may somehow be related to a geek.
If you know of any geek job opening.. specifically software build work, unix, sys admining, Linux, Solaris.. anything having to do with any of that, anywhere from the east coast to the west, let me know please?

I know kaeren and luvrhino (because you're both pretty damned cool like that) have already thrown things at Chad when they find them, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask the rest of you too.
This isn't just for today either. Whenever anything pops up. And I really do mean anywhere nationwide.

I know it's a long shot, probably... but hell... like I said.. it doesn't hurt and several of you on my list are geeks.
I'd ask for leads in other countries too, but since I don't think we can afford to get out to Australia or England, it's best to specify that this be within the US.