March 17th, 2002


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Chad lives in the boonies. They have power issues on merely calm days.
I'm going to guess that he's either driven off the road in the snow, or that the power is out.

Or that terrorists stormed the house and took him captive as he's the only one who knows the secrets of The Tomb of Akbara-Habishini.

Or that looters rampaged through the house, killing his father and making off with much in the way of Costco volume shopping booty and guns. Lots and lots of guns.
And Chad just can't pull himself away from him celebratory booty dancing out in the front yard.

It's only 10 o'clock his time.
I am not worried.


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I just put the soda bread in the oven. I have this lil obsession with soda bread.
That and these pumpkin and candied ginger muffins are just about the only things I can stand buttermilk in. I even prefer my pancakes to be free of it.
Because well, if you use a recipe that gives you a choice between using buttermilk or fermented milk... you have to wonder.

I forgot today was St. Patrick's Day.
Its very very overcast and gray and drizzly.

I had forgotten the joy of breads and eggwash.
I like this whole baking/cooking thing way too damned much.
It's a little disturbing.

I did this the other day

And for some reason, I *really* like the way this looks. I think I'm going to do more of this... interesting found object... sort of thing.

It's the broken shards of a little jar that was accidentally broken awhile back. The only thing on the jar was Chekoslovakia written across the bottom and some sort of stamped on stock number. It sat in my great grandmothers house for as long as my mother could remember and for about as long as *I* could remember, it's sat in mine.
I was really upset when it was broken, without having any idea how old it was or who it originally belonged to. I'm actually determined to find another.

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I *am* *so* *very* *full*
I ate too much.

But it was soooo good.
I'm mainly vegetarian. I'll eat fish, I'll sometimes eat chicken, but me actually enjoying eating anything beef or pork is very very rare.
But it's St. Pat's. So, in addition to the lovely soda bread we had corned beef and cabbage. I *love* corned beef. I can't help it. It's so so good.

Going through journals and communities today. I've either decided that I am a talentless idiot who should just quit trying and go get a job at a convenience store and be done with it. OR that if I just give myself half a chance, I'll get to a point where I'm *proud* of what I do...
It really just depends on which five seconds you're asking me in.

OH and I've decided that Akadashi is a freakin weirdo

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apparently I think of myself as the color purple and the qualities we give it.
Others think of me as having the qualities of a cat and my relationships can be related to the qualities of the atlantic ocean.

and when I'm stressed I feel closed in and clausterphobic.

online tests are *really* *really* lame.

This is the first time I've really looked at this.

These are the parts of the rules on the bio page of the Feministas community.
This is the first time I've really looked at them, though I've mocked them many many times...

1) Be respectful and polite. Different perspectives on feminist issues and the nature of feminism itself will be discussed here. Do not join the "oppression olympics," please. If you disagree with something the moderators have said/done, you are cordially invited to use the "leave community" function above. Namecalling will result in it being done for you (see "be respectful and polite", above).

Followed by :

4) Be openminded, kind, and have fun! :)


PS - Last but not least, transpeople are more than welcome here. Poo on transphobia.

heh.. and this seems to have been put there for the benefit of the *one* transgender who posts there.

That's another one. (edit: I meant another thing.. another thought that goes with the above thought) I've been meaning to actually write them and ask a question.
They call themselves Pre-operative and also talk about their disassociative personality disorder which is so extensive that the person in question will sometimes use "we" instead of "I".

Unless they've wildly changed the rules.. you have to be in *excellent* mental health to even be considered for gender reassignment surgery.
I'm just curious about that, actually.