March 18th, 2002


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I had the FUNNIEST conversation last night. I was in a silly good mood, but in addition to that, I was feeling the love and also feeling introspective and... "talky"...
I talked about so very very many things and all were apparently met well and kept him interested.

(Russell Yates talking on television about his wife and so forth and how he's considering suing the doctors. Fuck him. Fuck him right in the ass. GRR. *total fuckhead*)

Chad at one point in the middle of my hysterical laughing said "Someone dropped my girlfriend on her head. Bitch is *trippin*..."

Hehe.. and then .. then the thing that there's no way I could forget...

"We're cooler than the Justice Leage, even after they got Green Lantern.
Hey, do you think he got his job because of Affirmative Action?"

*love* him

I couldn't really sleep. It took me quite awhile to actually fall asleep.
And first thing this morning I got obsessed with the shape and contour of my eyebrows.
I think I over plucked.
They're pretty damned thin in spots... but as long as they're symmetrical (more or less) I don't care.
I need to just stick to get rid of strays.

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my stomach hurts.
I think I'm going to vomit.

I think with my stomach hurting like this.. I *want* to vomit.

guh.. I don't WANT to feel this crappy, dammit.

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I wish more urban legends were true.

Tommy Hilfiger didn't make those racist statements.
They're overpriced, low quality, marketted to label sensibility-minded idiots.
Abercrombie and Fitch?
Same thing.
If you're paying $50 for a t shirt... STOP TO WONDER WHY.
Chances are, it's because there's a designer name for it OR .. the store's name is emblazoned across it.
You are paying MORE to become a walking advertisement.

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Finally a sure, clear answer as to wether or not I should change the icon I've been using.
Yes, it was a joking response. But it's exactly the thing that I've been thinking about. It's exactly the thing that I've been trepidatious about allowing to happen.
I feel like it's attracted people based on what my fucking picture looks like.
And I'm pretty sure it has. I don't really care if people I don't dig read my journal. I don't care why you have me on your friends list at all, really.
Whatever reason you like... it doesn't matter. Just as it doesn't matter who I add to *my* friends list and my very seperate reasons for every single one of them.
But the different reactions I've gotten from people in debate since I started using this is so very fucking telling. People who *never* responded to me before have been responding. People have been less likely to jump in my shit. People have generally been treating me differently based on my gaddamned fucking user icon.

If you're enough of an idiot that you came here to read this journal based on the 'hot chick' in the user pic, fuck off.
No, really.
Because you're of such base, idiot, cock driven stock that you will NEVER understand even a portion of what I put here. You will never get what I'm saying, you will never see the larger picture, you will never know why I should be listened to AT ALL. You will never be able to grasp why the hell I'm writing in the first place, let alone what all these words mean. Therefore, it's pointless for you to be here, floating around the peripherals, watching.
so fuck off.

Go pick up chicks on Naked Parts. They dig that sort of thing over there.
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