March 19th, 2002


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Lesson I learned from last night.

Temper Tantrums make people go away.
::thumbs up:: awesome.

I'm not pissy anymore.
heh... not yet today, anway
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I'm pretty sure I didn't get my point across last night. ::shrug:: that's okay I suppose. I'm not sure *now* what it was I wanted to say.
I was frustrated, depressed, angry, and really really annoyed. I probably over reacted to everything and anything. In fact, I'm sure I did.
Which is just more to prove that I'm really really don't doing well right now.
I expected to be ganked off of more friends lists ::grin::
I think that might have been my goal in an odd way.

Doesn't matter.

I'm not as sad today. I'm not as ready to cry and whimper. I'm not as "5 year old who doesn't want to take a bath" and I'm just going to be good and sip my coffee and avoid the 300th time abortion has been raised as a topic of debate in the debate community.

There is a center of calmness in me somehwere . I'll find it.

............just as I typed that, I sneezed. I didn't think fast enough to get my hands up. so I sneezed on the arm of my sweater and my leg when I tilted my head down.
I've been kinda stuffed up.
Not any more!

Guh. that was nasty.