March 20th, 2002


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I've never been able to get a connection above 26.4K from this house.
I say house because it's the line noise. No, really... it's the line noise. I've tested it and crap. ::Nods::
But last night I got a connection of 48K
And it felt good, dammit.
I'm clearing up some of my debt, then I need to get some stuff and mail some stuff and buy some other stuff.

And I need to figure out soon if Chad is moving here or I am moving there or what.
I'm kind of baffled with this decision. Because, as I told Gates the other day, I've realized that I'm a grown up and that I have *no clue* what I'm doing.

My sister made a vague offer of help... but I need to talk to her about that.
And the first step in talking to my sister about anything is to talk to my mom about talking to her.
Because... well... my sister is insane and it's hard to talk to her and even harder to ask for help.
But she's family, and I have no use for pride.

And I'm going to ask alla you again.. still.. anything geek you find, let me know... any advice on what to do? hell... let me know ::shrug::
It can't hurt.

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Lets string them up!
"I'm not all that intelligent, but I think I am, becuase I'm moody and different... so of course it follows that I'm hyper intelligent. And I'm better than you. Because I say so. And everyone is inane and banal and boring. I am the only interesting person on the face of the earth because... well... It's *me* of course..."

Lil strings around their big toes from which they are suspended.

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I need to quit being so fucking emotional. I just got pissed at an honest answer.

I don't have to like it, but *fuck* man... what was I expecting?

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I just broke a coffee cup I've had since I was in the 10th grade. It was my favorite mug. It was full of coffee. It went everywhere. Smashed the cup beyond repair.

I'm not having a good day.

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Got some stuff done. Got a couple phone cards, a few more things for the box that just got sent out to Chad, and I got the box sent.
That is good. Very very good.
Hopefully it will get there by Monday at the latest.
We'll see.

This is my new User icon.
So I can attract some HAWT GUYS.


more later.
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Er... yeah ..I didn't think anybody would actually use that.
well.. uhh... yeah.
We don't money to go to amazon anyway.. not because they skim but because they've attempted to copyright esoteric concepts and I think that's pretty evil.

I don't see any money posted anyway, so I'm pretty sure the two of you who added have already gotten refunds.

I ... hmmm... I dunno what I think at this point.
I'll inform ya.

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BAh... okay ... looking at the account balances...
Those couple of *exceedingly* sweet people who donated.. go ahead and get refunds. It's not fair to you to have them take 15% out of it like that and sort of negates the point.

It didn't actually occur to me that people would really donate. It really didn't.

You guys are just sweeter than I thought you were. Well, sweeter than I thought people in *general* were.


Get your refund.
If you still really want to fork over money (by no means is that necessary) then we'll work something out.
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