April 2nd, 2002


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Soooooo I couldn't sleep.
Soooo I called Chad.
We mocked Dr. Phil (from Oprah.. I think I've seen him like.. twice .. and he was totally inane both times) and then forwarded the theory that you really just need to tell people what they already know in order to come off as a great great psycologist.
Chad's gotten the same impression about inanity from the few times he's seen the guy.
I was mocking Dr. Phil saying "ya know... Imma blow yer mind... you should TALK to your wife."
And "You should tell your partner what you require from your relationship"
And me and Chad being cheese buckets asked what I require. And I said "love" and he asked if I got enough of it. And I said "yesh."
So I asked what he required and he immediately spit out, sounding a lil irate, "BEER! and you've been *woefully* lacking."


Well it made *me* laugh for about 5 minutes. ::nod::

There was also the poop off.
I shit on your poop.
I poop on your shit.
I crap on your poop.
I caca on on your crap.
I have a bowel movement on your caca.
I evacuate my bowels on your bowel movement.
I have a brown baby boy on your evacuation of bowels.
I drop some friends off at the pool on your having a brown baby boy.
I bake some brownies on your friends at the pool.

and I think it finally stopped there... I probably missed one though and I don't really remember who said what.

I slept around 6 ish, I think? I dunno when I got off the phone. I dunno when I called really. Soooo yeah. I made myself get out of bed at 11, even though I was sure that the phone call would be chad and was dissapointed when it wasn't. My subconscious is kookay like that. I think it's just come to associate phone and Chad. Everyday cept like... two... for a really long time.
Issa purty amazing.
and I've got the phone bills to prove it.

I'm really so utterly mellow this morning.
Very mellow.
I'm listening to this O SO GOTH album here (it's floodland) in an attempt to see why everyone tells me this is so good. I tried listening the first time when I was a hell of a lot more into Meshuggah and Dillinger Escape Plan than uhm... anything like this.
So yeah... I'M OPEN MINDED and stuff.
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I had the MOST ANNOYING pop up from insanity yesterday.
It was minimized on my task bar until I attempted to right click close it.
Then it froze me up for a second with spawning windows and created a faux task bar that covered my own. Clicking ANYWHERE on it propelled you to the site for which the ad was made. Insane. Pure insane, forced ad bullshit.
it's not insanity's fault. It's Everyone.net's fault. They're the mail and ad provider.
I had to ctrl/alt/delete in order to close the damned thing through the task manager window. Bleh.
I should have seen what site it was and bombard them with pissed off mail. Not that it matters, really. But it would have been oddly satisfying.

Jubilant celebration or Homo-erotic tensions finally getting the bes of these two young men? There's only so long you can ache for someone's loins without acting, ya know.
And the guy on the bottom must have been aching right back. See how *happy* he is?

I read obituaries and I sometimes post the ones that I find funny. Yeah, I know... I am horrible. It's sick and disgusting to find humor in an obituary... blah blah blah.
But they're sometimes just FUNNY.
The one below was particularly wonderful, the first paragraph and then the follow LENGTH was amazing. The thing is.. it appeared april first. If I didn't think that my local paper is too nice to do something.. you'd have to think it was an april fool's joke.

Marie L. Darr
VIRGINIA BEACH -- On Sunday morning, March 24, 2002, the Lord reached down to earth cradling his disciple, Marie Louise Darr, with his tender, loving hands taking her to be with him in heaven. He said, you have labored tirelessly for so long teaching others through your words and deeds what I have taught you; you spread my word, helped the sick and disabled, listened to those who needed a kind ear, provided strength to those in suffering, and loved all of my children. It is time for your own suffering to end and to become an angel with me in heaven.
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You should go here and listen to this band

I am actually honestly impressed with the guitarist and the bass player.
The singer is.. well ... ER... not great. And the drummer is pretty good too.
I've only listened to the one song thus far, but I'm suprised. Most local, gigging around the area kind of bands aren't even this polished. At all. Most of them are very very rough and *obviously* just a garage band deal type thing.
You can tell the singer's about 18, 19 years old.. very nasal.
These songs deserve more of a full voice than a pre-pubescant whine. But I find that's common with even the start up hardcore bands. The singers all sound like the frontman to Cannibal Corpse or the front man to the Get Up Kids. Never do they find that happy medium.

Oh, and guys... PUT SOME INFO ON YOUR MP3 page.
You have club dates.. put them up there. put up band info. You already have content online.. just copy it over to the MP3 side. I didn't even SEE that lil link up at the top of the page until I went back and looked several times.

A lil bit of promotion goes a long long way. ::nods::

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"more than 100,000 pictures, many of them children in sexual poses...so many young lives utterly destoyed"

Why is is always assumed that those lives are destroyed?
To presuppose that would be just as preposterous as adopting a policy of just killing victims of rape and molestation on the basis that, well, their lives were destroyed anyway ...

Well, okay.. that makes not an ounce of logical sense. but fuck it.

it's still idiotic.