April 7th, 2002


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My father is obsessed with these ink refills that he hasn't been able to find for the pens he uses at work.
He talks to me about them nearly constantly. He asks who would order them. He asks me to look up suppliers and manufacturers.
Today he found some that were pretty similar to the ones that he needs.
He just made me do a writing test with them.
And every few minutes he comes back out with permutations of pen casing and catridge so I can participate in some sort of ad hoc blind test.

They're his pens.
I don't use them.
I don't want to use them.
**His** pens.
His refills.

Why won't he just leave me alone about this whole pen refill thing?

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"May I partake of your caffecto?"

No. No you may not. Not until you start using proper English or the proper words from other languages that you're attempting to use and mangling horribly.

Vociferous is one of those words he'll place in all sorts of sentences where it just has no business.

He likes saying "Hie Dozo" in absolutely the wrong places.

He likes pronouncing english words in goofy accents.

These are all things that I probably do... so I dunno why it annoys me so much when HE does it to.
It just does.

A confession

I really never enjoyed the movie Dune and my attempt at reading the book got me about 60 pages in and desperately looking around for *any* decent excuse not to read anymore.
That was a couple years ago. I found the book the other day and the bookmark is still there. But I know that at this point I'd have to start over if I wanted to give it another shot. That prospect is just... almost frightening.

It's vile.

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This is the most moronic comment I've seen all week, I think.. and it wasn't even in my journal (shocker!)

"Nobody will think you're bulemic with tits like that.

ObComplaintAboutIllness: Vomiting is bad, but coughing is worse, in the same way that a loud stereo playing Snoop Doggy Doggg is worse than a loud air conditioner."

I'm *guessing* that he meant that bulimic people, over a period of time, tend to deplete so much body fat that their breasts start to flatten out. Which is true.
But.... gaddamn that was a stupid fucking thing to say.

And there is nothing wrong with snoop (most of it anyway).

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I wanted to grab some more things off of akadashi's FTP server but I can't seem to connect above 21K and, quite frankly, I'm not patient enough to download MP3s at that pitiful of a rate. So I keep disconnecting and reconnecting hoping to get a better speed.

Heh. Got it up to 24K
That still sucks.

50 minutes to download ONE MP3?
Some of us just DESERVE more bandwidth, ya know? ::grin::