April 18th, 2002


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I definitely have an ear infection.
Feels like the whole side of my head is going to explode, and this one *hurts*.

Yesterday was a bad day to try to quit smoking.
Today will be even worse.
But gaddamn I am in a lot of fucking pain.
Last night I didn't have anyone else to talk to, so I talked to my mom. That was interesting.

My head hurts so very very bad.
I think I'm just going to lay down today. I think. maybe. I dunno.

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And one more thing... the cock monkies who gave me the correct negatives, but the wrong photos cannot fix it in store without charging extra for it, and cannot fix it quickly at all because they have to send them (negatives as well) back to the company (Quallex) that does the processing and get them to fix it.

The chick behind the counter actually told me that you should NEVER use that service, that you should get them done in store.
"For twice as much for single prints. There was a reason I needed the doubles. And I had 6 roles of film"

"Oh, well, sometimes we do discounts"

"Oh, well, I didn't know that at the time and the company you use for your photo processing fucked up my photos. I'm being told I have to wait another 4-5 days to see if they even *can* fix it, and if I were to insist that you print me new pictures with your in store equipment, it will cost me regular processing prices becuase there are different supply houses that give you your equipment for use. "

"basically, yeah"

"hmmmkay. Manager please?"

Basically all I told the manager was that this was just fucked up, that I didn't want special treatment, I'd go through the crap, just that I was really gaddamned annoyed at all this policy crap and that I understand the issues, but from a customer's perspective (and most customers are not nearly as understanding as me), the store fucked up, and the store should pay for it.
Heheh.. he kept asking me to calm down.
I was almost whispering because my head hurt so bad, but I guess because I was saying 'fuck' that that meant I was pissed.

I actually chucked him on the chin.

Very full of myself today in a 'I don't give a fuck' sort of way.
I'm not in the place where I can fucking care, really.

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I love "I don't want to get into an abortion debate" being a disclaimer on what is an abortion debate.

"if a woman can get out of all her responsibility by aborting the baby, the man should be able to get out of his responsibility by just walking away. yeah, maybe it's not the right thing to do, but then neither is aborting a baby. i don't know what the law should actually be in this situation, but i do know that i think the woman should take into account what the man wants to do. a lot of them don't."

The only people who need to have an opinion are the sperm donor and the egg donor.
Why does everyone else *care* so much about this? Why is this so endlessly debated? Why is it just assumed that this is *so* important?
The only person whos opinion will ever really impact my life (as long as the status quo remains and abortion is legal) is my partners.
None of these people are my partner.
Why should I care?

And I don't.

In other news, they're cancelling Allie McBeal.

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I got a package in the mail.
I read the letter.
I saw the stuff.
I hyperventilated.
I threw up.
I hyperventilated some more.
Passed out.

I feel better.

Someone fucking numb me.

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I have a new chair for the computer. It adjusts and rolls and spins.
There's no room to spin it, but I can half ass it this way and that.

The world really does look different, depending on where you're sitting.

I used to purposefully sit in a totally weird/new place in my room just to see the new way it looked.
Clean off the top of the dresser and sit on it for about an hour, just looking around.


that's what I need.