April 23rd, 2002


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I'm going to have to take a picture of this room before I start cleaning it.
It's really not too bad. But it does *look* pretty frightening, especially considering I have no clue what half the music equiment in here is.
But did I mention how horribly cool it is that Karl actually HAS music equipment?

I fear there is some logic to the pilings of CDs that I am not privy to, therefore I'm not sure that I want to fuck with them.
I fear there is somet logic to the pilings of just about everything in the place.

except for that angel food cake in the pantry from december.
I'm pretty sure there's no logic to that one.

I had a little emotional pouty thing last night.
Take a nasty earachey head cold, add a recent break up, displeasure over life in general, pervasive insomnia for the past couple weeks, and take away the cigarettes and you might get an idea of why I was just displeased over all.
Just at and with everything. Even though everything is and was and had been fine.

Karl is going to end up thinking I'm just ONE MORE psycho female he's met.
And while, yes, I am pretty fucking weird, I'm pretty sure that it *is* just a right now thing.

I feel so much better today.
Still physically like crap, but I do feel better. muchly.

Okay, I think I need to wander around this room and gathber a plan of attack.
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upgrade your grey matter, cuz one day it may matter.

I'm impressed.
something blusey that I didn't catch, juno reactor, liz phair and now Del tha Funkee Homosapien...

I mean .. *dude*

If I turn my head to the right, I see dillinger escape plan.
If I turn my head to the right, I see Afro Cuban All Stars.


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grar... I keep getting drawn over to look.. but still just.. FUCK YOU.

You didn't even do anything... you just fucking piss me off with your pseudo-lying-through-omission-martyr bullshit.

I'm going to go back to cleaning again.

Then, maybe later, I'll suck Karl's cock and get him to be my *boyfriend* so he can buy me stuff and entertain me and do things for me until I get bored with him and how much he does for me and start up the wandering eyes and then I'll dump him and find someone else.

That's *everything* that I'm about ya know?

fucking idiots.

the things is, I cant even be like... seriously pissed... because it's just so *dumb* and *blind* and if that's the quality of perception he's got going on, than I know for YET ANOTHER REASON I did the right thing.

Just steadily smacking myself for being a blind idiot for a fucking year.

cutthroat is kind of how I feel.

cutthroat is probably how I'll act.
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