April 27th, 2002


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I just keep getting sicker and sicker.
I fear dropping money I don't have on a docotor visit, but I don't think I have any choice. This is almost 2 weeks now with no change, really. Certainly no change since I've been *here*, which really really sucks.
I really would have prefered to hang out when I wasn't feeling ill and just... staying ill.

One weekend I'm up here and I'm bleeding.
then I'm up here and I'm deaf and groggy and in a generally shitty mood.

Barrel of fun, is I.

The thing is, I don't usually get sick at all.
Not at all.
So maybe this is my body making up for a couple years of relative health.

Yesterday there was lunch with wrekehavoc (which was pretty damned awesome because she rocks much) , then a little shopping at The Curious Grape in Shirlington (which is where we also had lunch) and Karl, of course, ended up buying a case.
Very cool store. And they seem to like the Karl ::nods::

'course, who doesn't?

Then we came back here, putzed around, watched ghost world, had some wine (one was really good. One was a sacrifice (it had a screwtop, gosh durn it) and the last was really good, actually, just not what I would usually drink. OH, and we watched Dirty Work while we waited for the pizza that almost never arrived, but then did. And a couple zim episodes, then we crashed.

SO ... now I'm awake. As far as I know, Karl is still asleep, I think I'm about to hop in the shower.
I've been promised museums today.
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I'm wearing the purple shirt I love and never get to wear.
I'm sure it looks weird.
I'm wearing it anyway.
Because, well... I can... And I feel very much like this shirt today.
I guess I'll have to take a picture sometime to explain.

There was a point in my life when all emotions were expressed with colors.. .it's hard to *convey* them that way... but that's how I *felt* them.
And I still do.
I just let myself forget it.

I think what I'm going to miss about this week up here is the music. So. Much. Music.
the wine is excellent.. I enjoy that *a lot* .. but it's the music.
I don't think I've heard anything yet that I really disliked and I've heard a lot that I absolutely loved. Like Fundamental.
*incredible* stuff.

I'll be going home to a weird sort of silence. The wrong kind of silence, I should say.

I dunno.

Melodramatic me, as usual.
I think I admire the passions of other people so much becuase I'm too much of a wimp, as of yet, to really express mine.
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anyway, aside from ALL THE COCK... had a very cool day, got too late a start for the museums though, so we went to Old Town and had lunch and did some wandering and did LOTS of people watching. I had a good time.
I had a good time.
I was in a good mood.
I still am.
Just .. hmm.. mellower, I guess.
Still too much on my mind. There is always too much on my mind.

I need to figure out my shit. Pronto (heavy on the 'r')

And I think I have some pretty good ideas.. but I'm impatient for things. I want it all to work *right* *now*

I'm just so *tired* .. and I haven't even started.
I really wish in a lot of ways that this was one of those times that something got handed to me.


Gonna help Karl look up naughty things now.