May 1st, 2002


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Is MayDay somehow an unofficial "rip shit up with protest and discontent" day and I just wasn't aware of it?

I had a nice long talk with Jay last night. I missed him. I miss a lot of people, but him more than most.
He actually sent me mail. A long random rambly email about whatever was on the top of his head and I was pretty damned flattered that he thought of me.
Long rambly emails were a daily ritual 3 or so years ago when he and I talked more than any humans should be able to talk and not run out of things to say. 8 hour phone calls, 3 page emails daily, long rambly instant messages... there was just a huge, loud, audible click. ::nods::

Things are, of course, different now.
Neither of us are as political, both of us are a little more geek (him a hell of a lot more than me) and neither of us read as much as we used to.
That's okay though. Becuase he's still got an unholy vocabulary and the sarcastic cojones to use it.

I dunno.
It was just really cool talking to him in a real, honest, laid-bare brain sort of way again.

Today we're going wine shopping. My mom wants to take me out and let me pick out wine. I have no idea how to pick out wine.
So we're just going to try to find some Broken Fish Plate becuase I know it's tasty and wonderful and she'll like it. Buuuut, we'll see.
I might just say to hell with it and get my hair cut too.

In case you couldn't tell, I feel a hell of a lot better today.
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So I chopped all my hair off.
I mean like.. hardcore chopped it off.
The hairdresser kept asking if I was sure. "You aren't just ... angry at a boyfriend, are you?" They freaking *gathered around* to watch her start chopping.

My hair wasn't *that* long, really.
Just past the middle of my back or so, I think. Almost long enough for that venus, covering the boobs with the hair, thing in the front.
I dunno.
Now it's maybe 1/2 inch at the very base of my neck. It just curls under my chin.
I dig it.
I dig it a lot.

Update: And now I'll use the actual pics and not the THUMBNAILS of the pics. hehehe
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I'm about half through a bottle of Fat Bastard Shiraz.
It's interesting, drinkable... but very very one note.
I think I've most enjoyed wines that had a lot of flavors and a lot of layers. This is very easy to drink (which I appreciate, don't get me wrong) but kind of bland.
It's like, "yeah, I'm drinking wine... rahooo"
It's a hell of a lot better than Franzia, but not quite McLaren Vale.

Of course, my mom is drinking it. She really doesn't like red wine at all.
So that's saying something for it. ::nods::

I'm about to try to figure out where I can get Broken Fish Plate sauvingnon blanc.
I'm not easily led, I just enjoy new things. Wine is the newest thing of the moment. ::nods::

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My face is very flushed.
I just want the back of someone's hand to brush against it. Close my eyes so that I can really feel the textures slide in seperate directions.

I got back 3 rolls of pics today. Two from the aquarium and one from the lower levels of the national gallery and the food court-ish area. So... mostly blurry and mostly not enough light.
I'll get used to that camera someday, I swear.
I'll have to scan the ones that aren't crap and send them to Karl.
I can't believe I sat here and drank this whole bottle.

I'm alright with being sans-Relationship. That's never bothered me.
It's being sans-flesh and blood people that gets to me.
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