May 3rd, 2002


Gates is a funny guy.

mjfgates: It's supporting the cruel de-life-savings'ing of tens of thousands of innocent little old ladies.
Herbiscuits: ahhh fuck em
mjfgates: ew.
mjfgates: NO thank you.
Herbiscuits: YOU WANNA FUCK EM
Herbiscuits: Fuck em hardcore, granny style
Herbiscuits: ya know.. gentle... so you don't break their hip
mjfgates: bleh. BLEH. You're worse'n me, almost.
Herbiscuits: I can be
mjfgates: No kidding. Old ladies... uck.
Herbiscuits: Saggy, BUT EXPERIENCED labia
* mjfgates puts on Jimi Hendrix
mjfgates: dangly 'nuff to wrap 'em right around.
Herbiscuits: dangly enough to wipe stuff off with them and then wring them out.
mjfgates: "Whaddya think the mangle is FOR, anyway, sonny?"
mjfgates: cranka cranka cranka
Herbiscuits: "Ever seen a pair of old sweatpants with the elastic worn out? .... Does it get ya HOT?"

I usually don't post this many IMS.. I swear.. it's been a weird week, dammit.

how do you make flash work in linux?
I wanted to torture Jay with bad Flash movies of dancing russian crap vids... like this
But he's being a big girl:

autokaotik: and haven't gotten around to beating flash into submission
autokaotik: well
autokaotik: yeah
autokaotik: but I'd have to plug in a hard drive and reboot
VertJustVert: hah .. don't worry about it
autokaotik: and wait til the thing was halfway through booting, and unplug and replug the cat5 into the switch
autokaotik: and log in
autokaotik: and it's a pain in the ass
VertJustVert: it's not THAT interesting... weird russian song with a bizarre techno thing half way through and really really bad animation.
autokaotik: I hate booting into win
autokaotik: pain in the ass

So, Frobisher, Wendigo, any other linux geeks that I don't know as well who may have some info for poor ass pained Jay so I can torture him with my internet trash?

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Picked up this link from invasive's journal.

Very very good editorial on the Drug War by Harry Browne.\

And this bizarre thing... An interview from 1979.. Mumia Abu-Jamal interviewing Bob Marley. Very strange.. they wrote out Marley's accent phonetically and Mumia calls him "brother" through most of it.

It's nothing new to me, but it comes off as kind of contrived in text.

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There are some *incredible* idiots in debate.

There is also a handful of pretty damned intelligent people, but they're a woefully tiny slice.

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Fuck on a stick. I go away to eat and come back to 36 pieces of mail, all of them I'm sure are LJ reply notices. I'm sure the vast majority is from that thread on debate.

I don't know if I'm simply devistatingly bad at wording topics or if they're really that dense or... well.. what the issue is.
I think the general intelligence level in debate has indeed dropped.
Not that I was ever top of the pile, but when I can look down my nose at most of them intellectually... there is certainly an issue.

I only got about an hour of sleep last night. I just couldn't get comfortable. I just couldn't lay still and sleep. I couldn't turn off my brain.
First of all, Jay had my thoughts churning in about a billion directions.
And then I was thinking about how I'm going to go about fixing all these gaping holes in my life while still doing the things that I want to do (because I've discovered that it's horribly important to my mental well being to be at least moderately fulfilled in certain aspects of my life) and that just let me down so many paths that next I realized it was about 9 in the morning and I was still awake, the sun fully up and the room growing progressively warmer and more uncomfortable.
I slept for about an hour, got up, stayed in the shower until the water turned cold and ended up wandering around the first hour I was mobile literally grumbling under my breath (picture yosemite sam), slamming down coffee and frowning a lot.

But then I got back to being my old perky, loveable self.

and now I'm drinking wine and feeling it far too much. Nobilo sauvingon blanc... highly reccomended.
Of course I only know about it because of Karl.

And there is NOWHERE in my area that sells d'Arenberg wines.
Very disapointing.

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I'm so utterly impressed with this music.
It's so gorgeous and full and I want to just cover Karl in zerberts for letting me in on it.
And giving me access to his FTP so I can download ALL OF HIS MUSIC. ALL OF IT...
uh .. well.. when i have something faster than 56K anyway

I'm now a baseball fan.

davejustdave72: Our boys are ahead...11-2 about to win ;)
davejustdave72: (you are officialy a Mets fan btw)

SO there you have it.
I'm a Mets fan.

This is because the Norfolk Tides are the farm team for the Mets.
Dave hath decreed it.
I also learned that we're in first place and it's our 40 year anniversary.