May 10th, 2002


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I need to find people who have AT&T long distance.
seems strange?
yes, it is.
I bought into a very cool calling plan thingy that stipilates that I call AT&T customers only so that I could finally not have to worry about $400 phone bills (that I never got any money for... bitter? me? noooo) when calling seattle every night for 3 or 4 hours at a wack.
Well, uhm... I don't have any reason to call seattle now.

Anyone I know actually have AT&T long distance?
Just curious.

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This morning I scraped off a lil dime sized spot of skin just below my knee while I was shaving.
It bled a lot but I put a lil round band-aid on it and forgot about it.
I just went to check the bandaid and it looked like there was a dot of blood on the outside. I pushed on the band-aid a lil and blood squished out of it and trickled down my leg and into my sock.

Apparently I have lost all my clotting factor.

So we'll be moving on to an elmers glue seal here in a second.

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I feel like pure unadulterated ass.
I, again, slept really badly and my head is really killing me now.

Any of you people who have AT&T and want me to give you a call at some point in time, you're going to have to email me your phone numbers. I don't have them, I usually can't keep track of them even if I do have them. I'll have to find a more permanent place to put numbers than on whatever scrap of paper happens to be handy when they're given.

I always *mean* to save them.. but that rarely happens.

I think I'm going to lay down. I'm having problems keeping my big round bulbous head upright on my floppy weak lil neck.

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I'm going to vomit.

No, wait... I'm going to find a "furry" and vomit on them.
Feral! The world's first and only furry summer camp!

They're all men.... I uh... I think...

Furries: what happens when you're already an outcast geek and you find yourself oddly attracted to bugsbunny when he's in girl clothes.

Or they've just watched too much gaddamned anime.
I'm really tired of all the new and interesting 'sub-cultures' that seem to pop up mainly so that MTV can do a special on them and the participants can be outraged at the potrayal.
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I've been thinking about someone all day long. Haven't talked to them today. But they've been on my mind.
I duno why, but I kinda dig that.