May 11th, 2002


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All incoming mail to has been bouncing.
So I haven't gotten any mail since yesterday afternoon. It still isn't fixed.
Chances are there are going to be three billion LJdon'treplies and nothing else, but if you sent me mail, uhm.. sorry. Didn't get it.

I got 4 hours of sleep.
That is more sleep than I've gotten any other day this week.
I still don't feel rested, but I don't feel nearly as "I'm-about-to-slide-off-the-world" either so that's a good thing.

I'm going to occupy my day with scanning photos and downloading songs.
I've been thinking about men and why they suck in personal relation to me lately and exactly how it's been that I've entered into a pattern of long-term relationship behavior and I didn't see it until it became a definititive pattern. And I've realized that when Karl kicks me in the ass and tells me not to worry or think about that kind of thing right now, he's not telling me to just.. stick my head in the sand and forget.
He just happens to know that I'll just sit and beat myself up about it. :/
Yes. I just used an 'emoticon'.
I feel dirty.
Yet sort of... exhilarated. ::smirk::

Photos. Songs.
I dunno if I really *want* the world to see "Holly Drunk With a Strawberry on Her Forehead And Karl Playing Spokesmodel" ...
Some things just shouldn't be shared.

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My father brings the oddest things home.
He just came in the door with a handful of lil packets enclosed in that tough-as-a-muffuggah, brown plastic that MREs come in. These are fairly small lil packages that have "FOOD PACKET, SURVIVAL, AIRCRAFT, LIFERAFT" stamped on them. So, they came from the survival packs that get pundled with inflateable liferafts on military aircraft.
Below that it says:

Oklahoma League For the Blind
501 North Douglas Avenue
Oklahoma City, Okla 73106

I'm very worried at this point about the contents of this lil brown packets. 'League for the Blind' and "liferaft" should be phrases that exist no where near the word 'manufacture'.
But my father, of course, had already opened one.
The military has some kookie ideas about what you really need to survive.
Two packs of Charms candies and some gum.

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Clue 49 down in the local paper's crossword.
The word?

At first, I thought they made it up.
But no. Oh no. It's real.
It's a real word!
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