May 12th, 2002


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I'm now sort of...pissed off... at
First of all, they didn't even acknowledge an issue until there had been an issue for nearly 24 hours. And then, they put up a bitchy lil "yeah, we're looking into it" note yesterday morning and there's been no further progress since then.
Soo.. I can't recieve any mail, and they say sending is fine, but I had issues with that the other day as well.
So we're going to give this forwarding thing a shot again. It didn't work before (it never forwarded any mail to my actual adress) but we'll see if it works with a better mail client.
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Caffiene is your friend.

In 2 hours I've had about 60 oz of coffee.
No, I didn't have 7 and 1/2 cups of coffee.
I had three.
they were just 20oz cups.

And then later, I'll have my customary 10-12 glasses of water

My kidneys love me, folks.
They really really do.

And now, I'm going to track down the number to Gumby's in College Station, TX and see if Chuck still works there.
Then I'm going to pack up the rest of the stuff I have to send back to Chad and write a lil letter.
And then I am going to perfect my teleportation machine (If only I can get it to stop sending me to Lincoln, Illinois!), save the earth, do a lil dance, and maybe read a lil.

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.... but I can't do any of that.. because I've just been rangled into 'helping' my father fix the cable/vcr/tv settings that he horribly mangled instead of just going out and buying a new splitter for the cable/tv like I told him to a week ago.

A little
At this.

I'm lazy and a lil drunk.. so I edited the hell out of an instant message instead of rewriting.

My mom is in a really really vile mood because my dad's a fucking cock monkey.
And he's really pissing me off
( akadashi: Shall I hire a large Samoan fellow to pleasure him against his will? )
And now that she has left the house, slamming the door behind her and speeding off down the driveway, he's trying to get me to feel sorry for him. "well I guess I just can't do anything right..."
It's mother's day. He wasn't going to take her out, and then didn't make any plans for dinner. I told her earlier that if she found something she wanted and we didn't have the things to make it here, HE WOULD GO to the store and get the ingredients and I would be more than happy to cook whatever she wanted. He made no moves to go to the store, ask about dinner, ANYTHING. So, she started to go. I asked him to go instead and then there was just this weird exchange and more or less, he told her that was could get pizza or subs or something delivered. For MOTHERS DAY DINNER.
He's offering her pizza or subs.

So now she's going to the store to buy ingredients for whatever she wants for dinner on mother's day and he's wandering around on the patio fucking pouting.

(* akadashi thumbs through phone book... saddlery... safes... ah, here we go - Samoans...)

So I made her dinner. I made her a big tall drink (a melonball with two shots of vodka instead of one and enough grenadine for her to not be able to taste the extra vodka). And later when she wants ice cream I'll be spooning out an enormous freakin bowl of icecream with tons of pretzels stuck in the top like she likes.

My father is still a shithead cocksucking moron that I really really really hate for so many reasons, but lately it's the way he treats her that gets to me the most.

Happy Mother's Day

By the way, Happy Mother's day to the only Mother on my friends list, wrekehavoc.
Your posts about your lil Precious Moments Punk Girl make me smile so much. Yes, even the ones where you're aggravated and annoyed because I know from reading that those times are so temporary and the things you've got to say about her when you're not aggravated are just too entirely lovely.

I think that you should go petition akadashi for the use of his enormous, comfy bathtub and make him fetch you shiraz all day while you soak. ::nods::

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"Gumby's how can I help you?"
"Hi, I'm calling to find out if there is a Chuck C**** working there."
"Yes there is"
"Oh wow.. hmm.. okay.. do you know when he'll be into work? I know he's a delivery driver, I was just wondering when his next shift is, if you can give me that information..."
"Oh, he's working tonight, if you give me a number, I can have him call you back.. he's in and out all night... he should be back in about, hmm.. 20 minutes... "
"Well, I'm calling long distance, I don't expect that he would be able to call me back, but if you could tell him that Holly was..."
"he has a cell phone."
"okay.. well.. 757-***-****... "
"Alright, I'll tell him to give you a call when he gets back in... about 20 minutes."

She was sort of ... *frighteningly* helpful.

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