May 13th, 2002



I keep scrolling past it.
Why the hell am I still awake?
I just keep scrolling past it.
Not really reading it.
Sort of reading it.
Out of the corner of my eye reading it.
Scrolling past it a few more times..
like someone's watching
Like I'm playing cool for the audience.
Like it matters
I keep scrolling past it
I keep pointedly not reading it
because I keep reading
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    very very tired

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I suppose I'm going to have to just.. ask Dave what the heck the names of the songs are on this Luna burn he sent me.
Because.. "track 01" doesn't really tell me much, schnookums.
And they're really more driven by lyrics than they are by like.. HARD ROCKIN BEATS, eh?
I'm going to have to be in a very particular mood for this.
I haven't listened to The White Stripes or Wilco yet. But I will.

thank you thank you thank you for the music.

I talked to Dan this morning.

He tells me that I'm just incredibly different. I carry myself differently, I sit and talk differently, I've got a whole new air about the way I am.
He tells me it's a good thing and that he wants a lunch date.
Heh. That's one mess I'm pretty sure I won't be getting myself back into.

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Dan has pointed out to me that I rub my fingers together like I'm feeling fabric whenever I'm trying to describe a taste.
He kept on pointing weird shit out to me. He just left.. just stopped by to say hi real quick and I tried to explain why I liked the D'arenberg D'Arry's Original shiraz/grenache when he noticed the stump jump that Karl gave me.

He pointed out the ... tactile hand thing with flavor and then the way I furrow my brow when I'm being earnest.

he's trying to make me uncomfy.

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Brownies with caramel in the center.
From scratch.
Just because.

and they're good.

And I'm the only one who will be around to eat them.

I need to write more.
a LOT more.

Horrendous storm rolling through.
Lightning is insane.
But I'm lonely ... so I'm checking around.
The rain is just now starting... swinging so hard that the house is shaking.
Incredible. Horrible. wonderful.