May 14th, 2002


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So I highlight 5 songs for download.
And the dialogue box states "Opening data connection for 4 out of 5.mp3".
I've spent the last 10 minutes or so really confused... I've never seen it give status like that before...

Until I realized I was downloading a song called "4 out of 5"
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VertJustVert: men are just... stupid
VertJustVert: ya know?
falsecharm: ...
VertJustVert: I know you know
falsecharm: yeah, us mens, we be real stoopid
VertJustVert: well ... ya fuckin are, dammit
falsecharm: really.
VertJustVert: yes.
VertJustVert: really.

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I got a call from Chuck. At first, just the way he was mumbling (and eating while he talked) it sounded like Will so I was less than enthused until he asked if I was alright, and I said "yeah" , something about the way he said "are you suuuuuuuure?" made me think to ASK who this was.
I was really really glad it wasn't Will.

So, Chuck bitched at me for being online last night and then made plans to call me *tonight* ::Nods::
So we'll see what his reasons are for just.. failing to get in contact for months and months when he knew how.

I've been writing all sorts of lil snippets of things lately... most of them with a naughty tinge.
I either need more sex in my life or less sex in my life. I can't really tell. And it doesn't really matter.
For now, I am more than happy to put the things on paper and just... squirm instead.

I feel all .. smirky... today.
I feel like I know things.

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Listening to karl's stream (Hi Fi (cable/DSL), Low Fi (at least 28.8kbps)) is always cool because he's got some incredible music.
But it's more fun when he's listening along with me so I can ask things about the songs or if I'm really not in the mood for something slow and housey he can forward track til he gets to something more.. bass heavy/hard. ::nods::

But you should go listen to his stream.
Especially if you have any love of electronic music whatsoever. 19GB of horribly ecclectic music.
No big deal to jump from Fun^Da^Mental to Soul Coughing to Billie Holiday to THC to Johnny freakin Cash.
plug plug plug.. all day long...