May 16th, 2002


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I impressed by the badness

And then when you delve in a lil deeper there is *this* page, full of websitey goodness (and migraine inducing animations!)


I'm having a pretty bad day. But I'm not in a bad mood. I just feel like I should maybe go sit somewhere safe until I feel like I can walk around without being a disaster. Since I got out of bed it's been one long non-stop graceless, bad luck kind of day.

I got shampoo in my eyes in the shower.
I ended up dropping all my clean clothes all over the place after I picked up the pile and *then* attempted to take stuff off hangers.
I wasn't even touching the thing, but I somehow broke the glass chimney of an oil lamp.
I accidentally hung up a couple times on Dan when he called this morning.
I broke the door handle to the passenger side of Dan's car.
No grease anywhere near me.. I somehow got grease on my shirt.
I tripped on the sidewalk outside of Brubakers and just about did a header into the concrete..
I then spilled coffee all over myself once inside.
I moved the big tv console back into place for my mom and accidentally turned off the power strip, requiring reprogramming of channels and clocks.
I tried to sign on and for about 1/2 an hour couldn't figure out why it wouldn't connect and then found out I was using the recently defunct number...

Thus far I haven't fucked up anything online.. but we'll see.

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There was a post in color_theory today that literally made me angry.
First of all, they're just not great pictures.
A little cropping would have done them all very well.

But that wasn't it. For some reason, looking at them made me *angry*.. hostile. I felt my back tense up and my head start to ache; A slight shake in my upper arms ...
guh ... No, i'm still not sure why. I'm sure it's got some fairly simple color based phsychological explanation.
But it took over me so quickly that it was a little frightening, truth be told.

And now, after another *lovely* conversation that has again left me feeling squirmy, I'm going to go put on something really tight and black and take pictures.
I'll even do my hair.

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okay .. did some poking around....the color_theory person whos pics made me all angry.... they have other pictures on their journal.
Those made me feel the same way, except one.
The rest of them .. just.. make me want to scream at her to never ever take another picture. They aren't horrible pictures. They just make me feel .. *odd* ..
I can't explain it.
I really can't.

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I took debate off my friends list and I'm going to drastically cut back any posting I do there. Apparently, the new philosophy is one of letting the idiots just have the place. All the "serious posters" went on over to elite_debate (hate the name) where there are a lot of things I've no interest in and I don't post a lot of things on my own.. so yeah .. I've just been reading.
Anyway, It's gotten increasingly inane and ... undealable the last couple months but since the appearance of a certain chick and her troll buddy, I'm done with looking at it everyday.
I'm so sick of the bullshit.
I'll probably check in on it here and there... but I really doubt I'll spend any time or thought on it anymore.
I dunno *why* D hasn't booted his ass out (aside from already stating in his journal that he really didn't care about all this at the moment.. which is an understandable reason), especially considering he himself called the guy a troll. Afraid of personal bias?
I dunno.
Doesn't matter.
I'm not the tattle and complain type. So, I just won't associate. ::nods::

Hating the pictures has made my head hurt.