May 18th, 2002



I am so so glad I downloaded this song.

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Great icon hidden behind the cut because looking at it is going to give me a headache so it might give you a headache too.
It's one of umbrella's icons.
(Update: damned missing quotation mark.. I fixed it now.)
He's kind of dreamy in a desperately-needs-some-ritalin-sort of way.
I've been thinking way too many people are kinda dreamy lately.
This is why I prefer singleness. ::nods::
The ideal man would be one I could say "ya know.. that umbrella guy is kind dreamy" to and he'd reply "yeah, he is, actually, just that cross dressy icon brings me squishy joy" or uh .. something like that.


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Alright. I'm scattered and out of it. My plan to sleep at a decent hour last night was ruined by an E-tard in texas.
Chuck called at midnight. On his way to Houston for some entertainment. He'd already popped one tab and was certainly feeling it and then he got all stupid paranoid like he always does when he's partaking in anything illegal, decided that the car that was following behind him for 5 miles was a cop (despite the fact he'd done nothing wrong and there's no way in HELL they'd be pulling him over for *anything*) and took the other tab he had with him.
Just after that he called.
Instead of calling me *right before* so I could talk him out of it because I'm probably one of the few people on the planet who could. Yes, I'm that good. So I was on the phone with him for a couple hours and, though I know he knows how to take care of himself when he's rolling he was just making noises that weren't "normal" and he was breathing really shallowly and he had me worried.
So then the cell phone died.
I knew he was in Houston, probably close to his destination and by the time he staggered out, he'd be fine, but I was still worried.
I was definitely *awake* and needed to babble, I knew jonfmorse would be up (in fact, he'd only been in the door about 10 minutes when I called) so I rang him and ended up talking for a couple hours until I was definitely dead tired and then tried to sleep.
Didn't work for a long time. Sooo I woke up really late today. I need to pack.
Chuck in his druggy stupor came up with this plan (be scared when Chuck starts a sentence with "Okay, here's the deal..." you're either about to hear a lot of bullshit or he's going to blow your head off with some plan on his)... He's got a really two slow weeks at work and they won't miss him. He's got 2 weeks off until summer sessions start. He proposed coming up as well to see Alicia, me, and whoever else has made mention of making a trek to the DC area somewhere around memorial day. In fact he said "I'll bring Ken" .. HAH.
Anyway.. I dunno how he would propose to get there, where he would stay, or what he would do...
I'm going to be Karl's lapdog the whole time so.. it's not exactly like I'm going to be running around to clubs all night...
He was rolling.
Maybe he'll have forgotten he even mentioned it.

frobisher should call me today. Definitely. Before 11 pm .. but anytime before.

Make a list of things I'm forgetting.
Make a list of things I can do without.

That's how it goes. That's where I'm going.

It's been pointed out to me that I don't use subject lines enough.

I lied.. I stopped to play with my bass settings.
I thought things sounded a lil.. odd and tinny.
Somewhere along the line by silly high bass settings went to poop and it as almost optioned out completely. Way too much treble.
White Girl sounds so much better now.

This song sounds pretty incredible too.
Herm... I knew it was a bad idea to load up music. I weeeell neeeeeever leeeeeeave.
"well it's a self-fulfilling prophesy"
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