May 24th, 2002


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I've attempted to post really big long posts about what's been up.
Everytime I've tried it thus far, Cox has been fucking up and I've been incapable of sending anything.
I will sum up.

Karl= busy a lot this week, haven't seen much of him, but he's in a better mood now facing 4 days off, currently taking a poop or doing his hair or something either really gay or really manly, is his way to completely spoiling me, bought me that "artists way" book tonight, Alicia, so you can stop flipping out. ::grin::
Me= Starting to feel a lil sick, been very very very bored, bonding with the cats, had the best steak ever made at the Palm. Had excellent pizza at Faccia Luna. Had wonderful Thai at uh ..that thai joint in Shirlington, the name of which is currently escaping me. And Mango daquiris.. ,mmmm mmmm . Really enjoying that that Karl is just as misanthropic as I am. Have resolved to just take the cameras with me *everywhere*... and buy IR film.

The cats= furry and loveable

The weekend= shaping up to be drunken and fun.