June 9th, 2002


jeeze I'm weird

walking around the house doing last minute gathering of stuff before I leave and before I got in the shower I stopped and petted all the cats.
I teared up as I was saying goodbye to all the cats.
It isn't the prospect of going home that bothers me. Karl's a human being and I can talk to him in a lot of ways once I'm back home, so it isn't really that big of a deal. I'll be happy to be back in my own bed, my own house where I know where things are and what the routines are and all that (not that I haven't gotten fairly used to all of that here... I've been here for about 3 weeks.. it sinks in, ya know). But I'll miss the cats.

I will miss the cats.
How fucked up is that?
I'm tearing up right now thinking about it.
And if Karl sees this, he's going to ask what's wrong and I'm going to burst our crying that I am going to miss his cats.

And then he'll ask if I'm *sure* that whole period thing is over.


12:15 flight, getting in around 1:15.. so all those people who haven't talked to me much in the last couple weeks becuase I've been really distracted or not answering, I'll be around a lil more.
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And I'm home and stuff.

And these keyboard feels weird. The chair feels weird. the monitor feels weird and the computer is making some horrible clanking noise when I start it up so I'll be cracking that open later to take a look. I hope it's just a dirty fan. I have a couple of replacements and it would make me much happy to not have some major damage to the computer right now.

and if you want to test it with me....

Try that

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sooooo my secondary drive died.
It had all my photos on it, a lot of my music (the vast majority of it, including all the things I've recently spent vast amounts of time downloading from karl's FTP), and some other programmy things I didn't want to lose.

Ah well.
At least everything else seems to be working now that I took it out (thank you Karl for the technical advice) and I suppose at some point I can try to get the information off of it.
Of course, a big chunk of the pictures are porn, so I won't be taking it into my local compUSA...

And I will cease to talk about it in my house now because my father keeps saying like "you can buy another D Drive and transfer the information from this D Drive to that D Drive..." because he seems to think that you can go into a store and pick up a "D Drive" off the shelf... like that's what it's named. And I just don't have the strength to explain that it doesn't work that way.

This is the man who didn't understand that a zip file did not become "bigger" when you "unzipped it" and try as I might with all the briefcase analogies I could come up ... he just never understood and ended up getting pissed at me for it.


but hey, everything works.
Think I'll leave the case open so later I can blow out the 4 months worth of dust and shit.