June 11th, 2002


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one full day back and I'm already finding out again that I hate sleeping alone.
I always sleep better with someone next to me.
Not even touching me.
Just there.
Just a presence.

I replace the sound of breathing with the murmur of the radio.
It's not the same.
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The scowl is starting to creep back onto my face.
I want to write.
I've got all these things in my brain that need to be on paper.
But I just can't make them come out right.
Strange imagery, but I don't know how to start it.

I should probably read that book Alicia goaded Karl into buying for me.
I just don't feel like reading much of anything.
hmm.. There has to be a switch on this feeling today. A way to flip flop it around.
I'll find it.

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lots of sound clips, insane amounts of info about just about everything Walken has ever done.... truly an obsessive fan site.

But it's all about Walken... so it's okay.
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my father : "ah tell yooo whut... itsa barn burner out there teday!"

we're related. That's probably genetically proveable.
Beyond that... I think you'd have a hard time making the connection.
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I haven't been able to get to mail all day just because there has been massive losses with the server.
Because cox cable sucks.

So when I got tired of trying, I signed off earlier.
Now I can't get a connection above 21K.. so though the servers are up and running, I can't get to downloading music like I was earlier because.. well.. it's really really pointless at that rate.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand the date on the mail server needs to be reset now so I can't get to mail anyway.

I feel out of it and grumpy.
I want to watch romantic movies... but they'll only depress the hell out of me.
And Dan has *horrible* taste in wine...

Of course, I would think that, me being a 'wine snob' and all.

yes, I'm still bitching about that.