June 12th, 2002


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My teeth hurt from the dental cleaning thing I had earlier.
My mouth always feels a lil odd after someone's gone to it with little scrapey metal hooks, but this is especially unpleasant because the new hygeniest doesn't seem to understand just how much pretty she's applying with the hooks or the floss or her lil knuckles ...
I thought I was going to have to punch her to get her to stop pinching my lip between her hand and my teeth.

Aaaaan they found a lil tiny cavity. Nothing that showed up on an X-ray, so it is still very very surface.. but I'm going to need to get that drilled out soon.
I made the appointment.

I'm going to be so very very broke soon.

ah well.
I should just get it done with and finish up the money by getting new glasses/contacts because I haven't had new ones in something like 4 years and I am very very blind. Starting to get headaches all the time from it.
And I would love to not have to wear glasses all the time because my eyes look HUGE when I've got contacts.
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I would love to make that picture function correctly.
I would really like to install all these windows updates.
It would make me happy if I could get to downloading some music.
I really need to browse some of these massage therapy school sites.

Can I?
No... no I cannot.
Becuase the fine folks at Earthlink are busy at work pulling their puds and polishing their pearls instead of doing the massive upgrades to their connection sites that are so obviously required.

Before 11 am, I have no problem connecting and connecting at a decent rate.
After 10 pm, I have no problem connection and connection at a decent rate.
Anytime in between then is CRAP CRAP CRAP
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I'm scared for the future.

My father was supposed to go with my mother to my niece's 'graduation ceremony'.
She's 'graduating' the fifth grade.
Next year she'll be in the sixth grade and will be attending middle school.
I had one of these 'graduation ceremonies' when I 'graduated' from the sixth grade (because back then it was junior high, not middle school and it was 7-9, not 6-8) but I would have chopped my parents to little bits had they called up my siblings or relatives.... or uhm.. acted proud.
I was mortified.
Thea seemed happy about the whole thing.
Kudos for Thea being more together than I was at her age... thank god/ God/goddess/Gods/Ghod/Bog/Appropriate Diety/Inappropriate Diety/Insert Name Here.
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And I think it would have been cool to have Karl there.
His head would have exploded, but I wouldn't have felt like SUCH a shithead for leaning over and making rude comments so often. Because he would have been making just as many.
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