June 14th, 2002


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I didn't MEAN to just poof out of existence... but I can't log back into the chatty things.
Should have gotten me to sign my name in blood when you had the chance, Satanic creatures! bwahahaha!

I'm punchy tired.
I'm going to post this lil unedited-stream-of-consciousness-really-goofy-don't-judge-too-harshly-thing
Collapse ) And then I'm going to go to sleep.
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I'm good natured ranty today.
I'm feeling alive in my own wordiness.
I'm reading that book, Alicia... we'll do those exercises soon. I was convinced that I should just from the first page where she talks about 'god' being a creative force. That scrubbed off those feelings of "my god this is new agey bulldada".

I'm also feeling pretty rude generally. Unashamedly rude. This happens sometimes, ya know.
I'm a guilt monster. But not so much lately. I can't bring myself to beat myself up for things I never did.
It's a good thing ::grin::

Boxing up things to send back to Chad... making sure everything that's his goes back to him. I don't want there to ever be a reason for him to point his finger and scream for things I didn't do now that we aren't together. It's taken me awhile. I was busy.
And I had to get to a level where I was okay with this.
I'm okay with this.

I was questioning Karl about this Bjork video he showed me one night when we were feeling goofy. It's really hammered into my brain.
Not the song... the song is pretty ... odd lyrically.
And I know that isn't really Bjork's style.. but it's true. The lyrics are very strange. A huge departure for her, really. </raging sarcasm>
So he found the link for me and I've watched it about 10 times now.
I don't know why that rocking back and forth visual gets to me so much (and it's a hell of a lot more impressive in Karl's house with the surround sound and the 60 inch tv... but you get the idea).. but it does.

Sometime in the future, I want to get a kitten.
Some sweet faced kitten.. anything that isn't long hair.
And I want to name it Skittish.
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Week of June 13, 2002

If I hung out with you this week, Sagittarius, I'd probably feel fascination and agitation mixed with sweetness and confusion. Being in your presence might have a resemblance to lounging in a hot tub while hassling on the phone with a friend whose feelings I'd hurt. Being with you might be like dancing to inspiring music all night around a beach bonfire with my tribe, knowing that earlier that day my landlord had given me notice and I had to start looking for a new place to live. Being with you in the coming days might have a certain similarity to eating pizza-flavored ice cream, or watching "Fear Factor" on TV with the sound off while listening to a New Age meditation CD. No, my dear, you definitely won't be boring.

... ats me.