June 15th, 2002


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I enjoy listening to a song and knowing that it's still got it in it to move me.
I haven't killed it in repetition.
I haven't listened too hard and heard the disappointing little man coughs behind the impressive machinery.
I still want to sing along, make my voice as much like that voice as I can and feel the frission of spine tingle when I hit the notes that fit those notes in a way that compliments in *just* the right way.

it's absolutely lovely knowing that you haven't killed your heros yet this week.
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    Doughty - Rising Sign

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I can check my mail again. This makes me happy.
I have been cajoled into seeing a movie with my mom and my sister.
They are picking the movie.
This does not make me happy.

I'm good at sitting through other people's strange choices and their affinities for big budget crap.
But I think Tales of the YaYa Sisterhood just might snap me.

There's nothing inherently romantic, cute, or special about southern life.
No matter how many movies you make revolving around the theme, no matter how many suburban women decorate their homes in pseduo "country" style... no matter how many rag rolled rugs appear in kitchens over populated with wooden cut out chickens doing cutesy things... southern life will never *ever* be a cute or quaint thing.

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I had a very fun, giggly, goofy conversation with mrmiasma last night.
It was good.
It was longer than it should have been, started too late, what have you... because sleep didn't happen for either of us until there was sunlight filing up my room. Evil evil sunlight.
For the evil evil MrMiasma.

I'm feeling really needy *physically* . I just want touch. Just a LOT of touch.
And I must now get used to not having it.

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I sent a message to Chuck asking what was up.
I hadn't heard from him since he messaged me to let me know he got back to Texas in one piece.

His response?
Something I actually had to go look up.
"Ionic Equilibria"

So I guess he's still going through with this whole "school" thing.
I don't think he'll be proving anyone wrong with his wild mathematical theories... but I am really glad to see him putting his big brain to use in something more challenging than figuring out how much water he has to drink to avoid dehydration after a night of rolling in 90 degree heat and approximately 2 solid hours of dancing.