June 18th, 2002


Lyrical ramblings with Doughty

"They sing the queen heroina
the comfort that she warms them with
their music swells
with all their yearning
they are ashamed to sing for him
Who has built these shelves
that our spirits knock inside
and wait for their release
In the onrush of the tide
of the lord's great seas
that will boil when he returns
To pluck us off the face of this sad and dirty world"

So... it's goofy.
Yes.... I know that. But it reminds me of how much I like spirituals. dlbags sent me a very short Jeff Tweedy song tonight that much in the same vein.
I couldn't be said to "believe" in "jesus" but I really do love songs about him.
Well, *good* songs.
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    Doughty - Sweet Lord In Heaven

Kitchen Utensil Guru

I'm making black and white cookies.
(I'm feeling very photo oriented today so I'm sure there will be pictures later.. unless I fuck them up)
In the recipe you are instructed to ice half the cookie using an "offset spatula"
There are many kinds of spatulas... I thought I'd heard of them all.
Apparently not.
I was picturing some sort of very very weird icing spatula
Don't know what an icing spatula looks like?
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So... I asked my mom what the hell an offset spatula was.
She, instead of answering me, smirked and started out to the kitchen.
"oh my god... you actually have one."

and she just continued going through drawers until she found it.

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She also has a lemon zester , a nutmeg grater, a garnish toolkit, and a ginger grater.

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well, I made cookies and have consumed one.
I will post pictures as soon as web stuff is back up and running.

and I have to admit that the offset spatula was rather integral in the ease with which the cookies were finished.