June 22nd, 2002


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I baked again..
But it's for my mom, so that doesn't really count. That just makes me a *good* *kid*.
Dan called and thanked me for my participation in the Great Sunrise Watch and apologized for being a snarky lil shithead the other morning when I really didn't need it.
I'm still just so glad I made Karl smiley today. It's so good when a plan comes together.
I replanted the grape tomato plant because it was going INSANE with flowers and tomatoes and was still actually in the lil plastic container you buy them in at the nursery. *oops*
Now it is happy and snug in a big big pot.
Hopefully in about 2 weeks I'll be overloaded in tiny grape tomatoes.

Now to repot everything else.
Basil needs to be pinched back. Tarragon needs to be repotted. the geraniums need a home, the petunias could use some attention for the withered blooms...
All sorts of stuff needs to happen out on the patio. Today it was just too gaddamned humid... I think tomorrow I'll post some of the pics.
Right now, I'm exploiting Karl's wonderful jam packed FTP for all its musical sweetness. I finally got a decent connection and tonight ALL THE DEPTH CHARGE WILL BE MINE.
aaaaaaaaaaaaand maybe all the Download too ... depends on how long I'm up.

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I've gotten very blunt lately. It's nothing I'm going to apologize for. If it's something you can't deal with... tell me. If it's something you don't think you can handle telling me, then bugger off.
I'm not interested anymore in going out of my way to be kind or understanding toward people who can't see far enough past the end of their own nose to realize that the rest of the world isn't here to serve them, be there for them, give in to their whims, or play nice in the face of their horrible behavior.
I've done that for years and years and years.
This little resolve I've got here may not last long. I know I've promised myself that I'd stop putting even the needs of people I don't like before mine over and over again. I know that it's probably my most broken promise. So I won't even pretend that this will last very long.
But for right now, I'm probably going to continue to be very blunt when I'm annoyed. I'm not going to sugar coat. It might be very very rude sounding. You may think I'm just being mean. You might think I'm going out of my way to be rude.
So be it.
At the moment, I don't care.
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Hehe.. OH the conversations I have

VertJustVert: I think I liked the deeper reds.
miasma AIM: orange is the same orange
miasma AIM: red is a totally different red.
miasma AIM: orange is the darker orange you liked.
miasma AIM: this red is the reddest red i've used =)
VertJustVert: red is like... WHOA...
miasma AIM: the orange is the darker orange/red you liked.
VertJustVert: ::nods::

Musicy stuff

Now that I know a liiiiiiiiiittle bit more about electronic music (in that I just have a better idea of what I do and don't dig), I kind of want other people's opinions too.
Right now I'm listening to this thing I've had forever.. it's a compilation by Adam X , a sort of ... 'song journey of his day' sort of thing (that I'm listening to all out of order and probably destroying the point) .. but at the moment there is this goofy "synth-voice" song...and uh ... I'm ... kind of annoyed by it.
I'm going to do a lil track listing. If you have an opinion on the musician, the song, or uh ... what have you... (yes, I'll even accept you close minded "anything that isn't RAAAAAAAAWK suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuks" people and your scathing commentary. Hehe) feel free to comment, por favor.
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I just saw Memento for the first time.
I was actually really impressed.
And then REALLY annoyed because I had to explain it to my father.

Now O Brother Where Art Thou is on tv.

Maybe I'll just stay offline tonight. ::grin::