June 29th, 2002


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Listening to Misinformed off El Oso (soul coughing again and still) I've been fooled a couple times now into thinking that someone signed off and it made the buddy out noise.
But no.
Right around 2 minutes and 14 seconds into the song (becuase I watched) there is a noise in the track that sounds JUST LIKE the buddy out noise. Very weird. And very weird to realize how easily trained I am.
To me, that weird door slamming noise = someone just left and you should look and see who it was.
Even though I'm not talking to anyone, and that's fine given my headache and how generally uncommunicative I've felt thus far this morning, I still have to look and see which of the people I'm not talking to just left.

I've decided that this picture I found of Fat Holly is therapeutic.
Because, even though I can honestly say that that's about what I immediately think of when it comes to my body... That I picture myself looking like *that* when nudeness is mentioned at all or anything like that...looking at this picture feels like looking at a different person.
I mean .. I have a neck, and a jawline, and very pronounced cheekbones.
The chick in this picture has none of those. We look like different people.
I dunno. It's weird. Heh.. and now I'm reminded of why I never let people take pics of me.
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The world is not as thoughtful as I am

I have to remember that.
I have to remember that people are rude they really don't think about how things go for people who are *not* them.
The leave shopping carts all over the place in the parking lot.
They spit their gum on the sidewalk.
They pull out of driveways without looking and back into you in the street.
They flick their cigarette butts out windows.
They bump into you in stores and then give you dirty looks because YOU invaded THEIR space.
They blast music at 3 am.
They bass their cars in the driveway for *4* Hours while they clean, vaccuum and wax their cars.
They change their mind about stuff in the grocery store and just stick it whereever (like the ice cream in the magazine rack... the kitchen towels in the cold case with the butter...) because, HEY.. *they* don't have to clean it up.
They break things and leave it.
They make a mess and just *leave*
They're rude, piggish, oafish and callow.

People online are even worse.

I have to remember that.