July 4th, 2002


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I'm about to drink a pot of coffee because I ran out of speed just like coffee, dammit.
And I make some damned good coffee, well, when I have my own coffee maker and not that horrible cuisinart thing that's at akadashi's house. You can tell he doesn't drink coffee. He would *never* have picked a coffee maker that full of parts that require daily cleaning and upkeep. If I have to disassemble the top of the pot to actually put the coffee and the water in there, it's just crap. It's just crap, people.

Dan actually comes over here some mornings for coffee. Well, okay, he comes over to steal food, the coffee is just a bonus.
The last person (who wasn't trying to shop in my fridge) I think I've sat down and had coffee with was wendigo and I stood the whole time.
Where have all the coffee drinkers gone?

Ive decided that I have to add to my "oh wow what SEXAY man" list:

Matt Frewer
Benicio Del Toro
Tom Kenny (but preferably in his Binky makeup from Shakes the Clown)
Jason Statham
Steve Buscemi ( how the hell did he get left off my original list?)
Tim Roth
Christopher Walken (but isn't he a given?)
Hank Azaria
John Leguizamo
Ving Raymes (aka Man mountain)
Eric Stoltz (most attractive redheaded male *ever*)

And why do I always end up drawing a blank at some point while doing this? I don't think I've a long enough libidinous memory. Well, okay, I don't have a long enough libidinous memory for people I've never met. There just have to be more of these guys. I think.
And stuff.

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Most over rated movie of the last five years? (excluding anything by Kevin Costner or George Lucas because we've come to EXPECT their movies to be horrible)

Very well could be...
What wildly popular movies do YOU hate?

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So, I was watching Attack of the Killer Tomatoes earlier today and I realized that the name "Mason Dixon" is probably one of the funniest names I've ever heard of in a parody/humor movie.
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