July 15th, 2002


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I had every intention of calling Dave tonight. But at this point it's so late and I'm so tired that I would be really useless and I'm not sure that it's cool to call this late anyway.
During the day tomorrow sometime I will call.
That's an oath and a promise.
The only thing on my agenda for tomorrow is bread. I want to make some more. I want to just go ahead and leap in and make something more difficult like challah or rye... but uh.. I don't have the ingredients for rye...
So maybe the challah.

I think the only thing I like more than Damage Manual is Meat Beat.And the only thing I like more than Meat Beat is the Jack Dangers remixes.

and the only thing I like more than *that* isn't anything musical.

I've grabbed most of what's on the ftp from meat beat. I still need Subliminal Sandwhich (both disks), Transmission and whatever is in the folder called Versions Galore...which really isn't bad considering that there are 15 different folders and I've been downloading at a pitiful rate on my dialup connection that really works mostly on the weekends. ::Nods::

Think I'll go break my arm patting myself on the back now.
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It took me a good hour of dialing in to get online. And then I got a phone call and got booted. The problems with the provider just keep getting worse and worse. It's really really annoying.


I need help. I don't know how or what. I don't know what kind of help. I just need... push, pull, slam... I don't know.


so I'm a dork

Whenever I'm annoyed at people (as I am today) and bored (as I am today) I tend to get involved in weird lil projects.
This is how the edward gorey collage came out. This is how all those little silver wire hands came about. This is how I ended up with a paperclip curtain for my bathroom mirror.

Don't ask.

So, while on the phone with dlbags earlier, I found an *ancient* bag of pixie sticks. I have no idea when these things were purchased, but they're really really old. So I dumped out the sugar and kept the bright paper wrappers thinking I might do something with them. At the time, I wasn't exactly sure what.
But I now have a pixie stick paper mat and pictures.
I also finished my other little project and I'm gratified that it looks almost as good as the first one I made in '95.
I don't want to say what it is until I can provide photos.
it's worth it.
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