July 16th, 2002


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OOoh AAAAH Viiiiiinyl

I don't even have a turntable, but I think that's pretty neat.
As well as this australian only promo

Not even for me... Because I'm a dork like that. I look for stuff that I know people might like (but in this case, I'm sure Karl already has these things or if he doesn't, there's a good reason for it)

I really enjoy finding things nobody thought existed, but had they known, they would want.
It's gratifying.
I like giving gifts too much, is the problem. Finding Juuuust the right thing for someone rocks.
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This music is making me insane.
How can you listen to this, Dave?

I am trying to break your heart? NO, you're trying to BREAK MY SOUL WITH YOUR STONER DRONE. AND RANDOM TINKLING PIANO DISCHORDS.

Most of this is doctor's office music.

And dude.. I'm sorry .. what's with the random samples and noises in the backgrounds?
The static on radio cure.... the bizarre "strumming the piano strings" crap on the first track...
I'm sort of baffled as to why this very acoustic band has to add electronicy gambits to their songs. Is it to give it depth?
Whoever mixed it needs to be slapped and slapped hard if that was the point. It is *totally* distracting from the monotone 'sleepy singing' of the singer.... so uhm... maybe I like it.

His lyrics are sort of interesting here and there. But the monotone of the singer is really really grating.
Fucking.. GET SOME TONE. Quit the head singing, give me some diaphram for chrissake.

I guess I just officially have NO TASTE or whatever. Poor me.

But really ... I'm sitting here listening to this right now. I can see how some people would like it.. but why do YOU like it.
I'm curious. Because you're mr. opinonated when it comes to your music. Tell me why I'm wrong (without just saying that electronic music sucks because that's SUCH a cop out and you know it).
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Shadow Grin

soba soba soba! I made you out of soy!

Yes, I was too harsh about the whole Wilco thing. But it was an honest, from the gut reaction.
If you're a wilco fan, sorry for the ranting. It's not *personal* ... I just don't like that music.

I have some stuff I want to do today.
I'm trying to get up the courage to do it. Yes, it takes courage. Yes, I'm being vague. Yes, I've got this weird idea that talking about things will "jinx" them.
I'm nervous and I haven't even left the house.

Anyway, one of the things I will do today is send Chad his books back. He asked for them back when we broke up and I just .. haven't gotten to it for one reason or another. I wonder if I should be rounding up anything that has to do with him and launching it into space or throwing it away (what I was told he was going to have to do with anything I sent him... which was *a lot* of stuff).
But, I don't think I'll be doing that.
It's just not *me* to erase people from my life. Hell, the other day I found a lil punch label thing that said "Jason and Holly".
hehe. The things I end up keeping, hmm?

In other news:
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I'm in a really horrible mood today.
Really really horrible. Talking to people thus far today has only served to make me feel worse.
It's made me feel small.
It's made me feel insignifigant.
It's made me feel stupid and needy and wrong and burdensome.

Why do most of the people I know make me feel this way?

It's not all of them... just most.

It's not okay. It's not something I should just deal with. And it's not my fault.

If it were universal... I could believe that it was. But it isn't. I know some incredibly good people who bring good things to my life.
But not all of them are like that.

So it's just not my fault.

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There is more grease splattered all over my damned kitchen than I thought was possible.
Fried chicken for the parents (the kind you soak in buttermilk and cook in a cast iron skillet... *real* fried chicken) fried green tomatoes for me. Just the tomatoes and some fresh coleslaw-ish salad.. and it was soooooo good.
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I kind of hit a wall today. When people make me feel bad, I'm going to stop talking to them. I'm really tired of waking up in a fine mood, talking to a couple people and staying in a fine mood and then having a conversation that just serves to make me feel like shit.
It's happened the last three days straight. Too many people have a place in my life. Too many people have felt free to offload their concerns here ("here" meaning "me") and I've just been crushed by it all.
Slowly over the last couple years it's gotten to be too much. I used to think that by being the person people came to for comfort and for assurance and trust and love and money and pep talks and a place to sleep and music and books and any number of things that I was made *more*. That by providing those things for people I was somehow... enriched. I think that for awhile I was. But at some point, it only served to diminish me. It made me less.
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