July 19th, 2002


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I now have contacts.
But I also have an astigmatism.
SO my left eye is pretty blurry. If it bothers me (and I think it is) I'm going to have to go back and get the different shaped lenses.
Maybe I'll just go back when the glasses get back (no, no 1 hour deals for *me*.. heh..)

I don't know if my eyes are just tired from the adjustment or if I really am getting a headache from the lack of clarity or what... but well, I can really tell that I'm blurry. I dunno... bleh... I should have just gotten the more correct lenses in the first place. Why fuck around with this?

I think I'm going to bleach my hair out in a lil while. maybe. I dunno.

Loooooooooooopy Holly.

Where's Karl?

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No glasses = no problem seeing those purple circles under my eyes.
I refuse to start wearing makeup.
The wind is picking up. I hope this means rain. I really don't like summer in my climate zone. The humidity is disgusting. On days when it's not humid, I really like being out in the heat. It feels *good*.
But on days like this with incredible humidity and incredible temperatures, It's just too much. We've been having heat indexes of 105-110. Ozone warnings.... sick of it.

I'm ready for fall and winter.

Given that it's just the end of July... I should quit whining, eh?