July 23rd, 2002


double, triple and quadruple meanings.

If I ever have kids, I want them to have an album of lullabyes sung by Tom Waits.
I find his gravelly voice oddly soothing.

Self righteous assholes continue to annoy me. No, really, they're annoying. I know.. I know.. it's *odd* of me to say so, but it's true!

Look, I tell people they piss me off all the time. But I never pretend that it's anything other than personal. It's my own petty emotional crap. It's my own personal preferences regarding human interaction.
I don't understand acting like an altruist or some sort of master of the human psyche. You aren't. I'm not. None of us are.

If something pisses you off.. just be pissed off about it. If someone annoys you, just be annoyed. Don't dress it up as anything larger than it is. Don't talk down or go out of your way to make them feel small for the benefit of the rest of us silly lil humans out here. I'm sure we can deal with it just fine on our own, thanks.

Ego. Lots of it.

On the other hand, anyone who can just *tell* someone when they're pissed off or annoyed or upset gets my thumbs up to an extent. So many people don't have the balls for that sort of upfront confrontation, preferring instead tiny little "more evolved" passive aggressive stabs and feignts.
Besides, it's just more cathartic and freeing to actually get the problem out in the open, keeping in mind that it's only worth it when there's a relationship there you actually give a damn about keeping or repairing.
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I put together a shelf, did some replanting, rearranging, sweated my AAAAAAAASS off, but remembered the sunscreen, as as to avoid the blisters.
Oh, I haven't mentioned that have I?

I am pretty sure that I've developed a UV allergy.

Another thing on the list of "when I've got the money and (preferably) insurance" is now to see a dermatologist.

Anyway, I like doing things that are physcially exhausting. I really just *enjoy* getting done and being tired and it just feels like *deserved* tiredness instead of that creeping insomniac fatigue that has dragged me down for *far* too many years. My fingertips hurt, my back hurts, and I feel nicely woozy whenever I get up too fast. I enjoy being deservedly tired.
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