July 24th, 2002


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VertJustVert: WHOA WHOA WHOA>... Hootie and the motherfucking blowfish covered "i hope that I don't fall in love with you"?
Shinma: /me vomits everything he's even eaten
VertJustVert: HAHAH
Shinma: /me burns dockers and a polo in effigy
VertJustVert: heheheh
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groggy and tired and bitchy and coffee-deprived

That "I got a brand new pair of roller skates" song is going to drive me insane. It was NEVER a good song.. never ever.
It was really fucking weird when Rasputina made a remake and it's even more weird now when Alltel is using it (either the original or a rather close facsimilie thereof) in some commercials.
I don't know what the commercials are.
Whenever I hear the song I clamp my hands over my ears, close my eyes and sing the Sanford and Song theme-song as fervently as I can. Sadly it doesn't work too well.

I have had my floor vent in the bathroom closed off because it makes the bathroom so cold, having the air blowing in there. The other day after I got out of a shower and was busy with other bathroom activities for awhile, I got tired of waiting for the steam to clear with just that fan going (which doesn't work) so I opened the vent up a little. I noticed last night that when the AC is kicked on, the air coming through the vent sounds like high pitched voices murmuring at each other. It's really pretty disturbing.

The women on tv are calling up and getting annoyed that people are trying to take away their hormone replacement therapies.
Rampaging menopausal women... it's not a happy thought.

I still don't think I owe anyone anything. Not even explanations. I doubt I'll be convinced. I'm a right nasty bitch when I've made up my mind about something.
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It's 5 am and you are listening to los Angelos

And the radioman says
it is a beautiful night out there!
And the radioman says
Rock and Roll lives!
And the radioman says
it is a beautiful night out there
in Los Angeles
you live
in Los Angeles
and you are going to
Reseda; we are all
in some way or
another going to
Reseda someday
to die
and the radioman
laughs because
the radioman fucks
a model too
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It has to be said...

Martin Lawrence isn't funny. He never has been.
Eminem is not a hip hop genius.
Micheal Jackson isn't the king of anything.
Austin Powers was funny becuse it was novel. By part 3 it isn't novel anymore. Therefore, it's not funny.
Rappers are not actors.
Basketball players are not heros.
Death is not noble nor romantic, no matter what J. O'Barr says.
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