July 27th, 2002


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- Mail from Chad. There were tears.
- Talk with Karl about the mail from Chad.
- Freak out at Karl. There was much gnashing of teeth
- "Calm down you total dork" from Karl. There was a lot of nodding and eventually laughing.
- Dinner
- Zim
- Boredom
- Coffee
- Boredom
- I apparently deleted something vital from Audio Catalyst and the kick ass file converter Dave gave me awhile back takes upwards of 20 minutes per track for ripping. That just sucks. the file converter does not convert from .wma files either. That sucks too. But I'm sure I've got something on this dilapidated machine that will work.
- I've got Pink conditioning moisturizer. It smells like bubble gum.
- jsjones02 has one of the lamest bios I've seen all week. And his journal is somehow even *more* inane.
- that was mean of me.
- He's still a dumb guy with really bad taste in music. Really bad. REALLY BAD TASTE.
- coffee

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I discovered last night that my list of people who I could conceivably call at random in the wee hours of the morning is down to zero. Does this mean I'm growing up or that the last of my bohemians are gone? Either way, it's sad.
So I watched Tapeheads and loved it again. I always forget inbetween viewings of that movie *why* it is so good.

John Cusack and Tim Robbins making music videos. A few cameos, very goofy, very very 80s, but just damned good. Don Cornelius is in it, fer chrissakes. How can you not love that? (And on the opening credits it proclaims "Micheal Nesmith Presents" (he's the executive producer, a lot of the commercial bits in this have a very "Elephant Parts" kinda vibe) and he has a tiny non speaking cameo in the movie)
Connie Stevens, Ted Nugent, Bob McLean, Lyle Alzado, Martha Quin, Bobcat Goldthwait... and get this.. Jello Biafra as an FBI agent.
Musical score by Fishbone, and they make a cameo too.

If you haven't seen this movie, you should. If you did see this movie and you didn't like it, I don't like you.

On a completely different note, I don't really watch tv much. But everytime I've turned on the tv in the last week I've been confronted with at *least* one austin powers movie spot or tie in commercial. Everytime Aim starts I get *2* pop up screens all about austin powers (yes, I know, it's their movie... hush it) and any sites that are more... established company sites have got something about it too.

Give it a few weeks and all the fucking austin powers icons will start appearing on LJ.
Even if it's really gaddamned funny (which I don't think it is)... I hate this movie.

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I wonder... do the "helpers" on LJ (the "oh! I'm here for you! Let me be your friend, your protector, your confidant!" sort of people that pop up sometimes during emotional crisis) actually sit down and read a selection of self help books before they become a certified "helper" or do they just come up with this stuart smalley pap off the top of their head?

I've been known to throw in an encouraging word and an "I'm here for you" now and again. There's a world of differnce between that and Dr. Phil/women who love too much/men are from mars/oprah's book club/richard simmons/lets all cry together crap that a lot of these people spew. The new agey, feel good, let's all grab a wiffle-ball bat therapy sessions that saw their biggest boom in the late 60s aren't much different in the deliverance ceremonies of modern charismatic ministries.

You blame your parents. They blame the demons.
It's all the same thing.
Most "therapists" are just "exorcists"
And most "dysfunctional people" are just "demon afflicted"

I don't understand (from a real objective view) the sort of mentality that's helped and healed through the self-help book mantra growing. I don't understand how we can all be soooooo 'special and unique' but at the same time be alike enough that this one book can cover every contingency of our human condition.

For me, it's bullshit. Utter bullshit. And its adherents are desperate people with empty lives who are stunned and startled that they aren't feeling anything or feeling what they *want* to be feeling and need the hollows to be filled with *anything* ... even lies.
And the people who repeat these mantras and koans and bon mots of the self-affirmation squads are wanna be pundits and models and book writers themselves. They want to "help people".

It's most offensive on LJ I think because, we're only seeing the part of the picture the writer wants us to see. Ministering to someone and just assuming that they're telling it like it is, 100%, no lies, no twists, no fabrications of any sort... isn't that just a wee bit short sighted? Why yes it is. Do the "helpers" care? No, not at all! And why not? Because they do it for THEMSELVES, not the person they're supposedly helping.

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Two oreos. some crackers. two more oreos. this is breakfast/lunch.
The kitchen is too gaddamned messy (no counter space, no kitchen table space, no room for anything and no one bothering to put anything away, clean out the fridge, throw anything out or actually find a spot for something that isn't the most convenient dropping space) for me to bake, cook, even mostly move around in.
You can just barely get through the "dining room" (that's just one big fucking pile of stuff) and into the kitchen.

And my mom bought more decorative crap today.

I don't know where the fuck she thinks it's going to go. I dunno where she and my father have gotten the idea that there is any room anywhere in this for ANY more of their stuff.
The 15 years worth of magazines... the random pieces of string... the box after box of dried floral pieces... the BUCKETS OF WASHERS.

I'm so aggravated. I'm the crankiest crank that ever cranked. I'm bored and lonely and annoyed and I just want someone else to fucking clean ANYTHING in this house without me having to goad and beg and treat them like a fucking child.

I hate living in this sty.

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shit and piss.
I guess I'll make photo entries friends only from now and I guess the person I was talking to is gone bye bye for the evening.

I blame people.