July 31st, 2002


list type appraisal

- Looking for meat beat lyrics and failing miserably
- My wisdom tooth is killing me (yes, I've only got the one)
- I really hope these contacts work out because I'm tired of having them hurt my eyes.
- I haven't had much to say lately

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since the 21st I've been attempting to send mail to Rhett.
Apparently the @home.com adress that he sent the mail FROM is not accepting mail. SO it just keeps bouncing.

This is really pissing me off.

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I'm up and awake and sipping coffee. I haven't really been getting up consistently before 11 am. I haven't had any reason to.
More than that, I haven't had any desire to because I've been so so so tired all the time (no, you don't have to tell me what you think that means.... I know).
I was going to call around today to several places I applied to and poke them in the ass and ask why they hadn't called me back (becuase they were all shitty retail gigs and there's no reason I shouldn't have been snatched up immediately because I have experience, no convictions and I'm not 16. ::Nods:: ) but I got woken up around 9 this morning by a phone call from one of them so I have an interview on the 7th.
Shitty retail here I come! WOOHOOO!

I'm not really complaining. It's easy, I know I can deal with it, and it's work. ::nods::
To be honest, as long as I'm getting more than 6:50 an hour and it's keeping me out of food service, I don't care. If none of these places panned out, I was going to go apply at Farm Fresh because I *know* they'll hire *anybody* ..

Alanis Morisette is on tv.
She's singing "uninvited" .. her fake "hard" song about uh ... whatever the hell it's about.
It's on rosie o'donell.
Rosie just gushed all over the stage about how wonderful alanis is.

Maybe *this* is why I don't get out of bed and productive this early.

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It's just sick and sad that I'm connected at only 24K and I'm downloading as fast as I do when I'm connected at 48K.
It's wrong and bad.
BUT... it means there's no reason why I can't start grabbing Subliminal Sandwhich from the FTP (after I finish grabbing this Ruby album...) because Karl was wonderful enough to rip that again for me the other night. He's wooooooooonderful. I'm guuuuuuuuuushing about him. To embaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass him. Because he's Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarl.

But seriously. Karl TOCKS.

On a completely different note... Vin Diesel is the nastiest, ugliest, most uninteresting pile of *ick* to hit the screen in recent memory. I just DON'T understand the attraction to him at all.

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When ignorant people with a trendy prejudice are encouraged in that prejudice by their ignorant friends.

It's no different than mocking pagans or jews or buddhists or hindus.... or any other religious denomination.
It's just as lame and ignorant and intolerant and mean.

If you really don't understand the point and purpose behind the bible... ask. Don't mock it. I'm not now nor have I ever been a christian. That doesn't preclude my capacity for calm understanding. And I don't understand why it does for *so* many people.
The idea that applying modern standards to an ancient book written by ancient men about a supernatural creature of awesome power and scope is a valid application ... heh.. that's just inane.

So why do so many modern day athiests do it?

"oh look! I'm under 40! I can be jaded and cynical too!" Bleh.

I went and saw that because that chick took me off her friends list today. I hadn't noticed that she'd put me on. And now I want to kick whoever led her to me as well for (in some really round about way) making me read that.

The hell of it is, I'm not religious. I don't have faith in a "god" of any sort. I don't pray and I don't believe and I don't think anyone else necessarily should either.
But I think faith is a beautiful thing and I envy it.
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