August 5th, 2002


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"There is only one way to escape the torment of debt. That is to get out of debt"
wisdom from the tv people who say things in the background.

I kept letting myself sleep this morning so when I finally did get out of bed I felt vaguely lazy and guilty for not moving my ass sooner. When I came down my mom reminded me that she wanted to go to a movie today. She wants to see Signs.
I've wanted to see Minority Report since it came out and I've dilligently avoided media about it so that I wouldn't have anything spoiled. I wanted to know as little as possible about it. She keeps saying that we can go see it (it's too late today anyway for the only matinee show time for it in the area. We're poor people. We go to the matinees) but then we end up seeing that YaYa sisterhood movie instead.
I don't mind going to the movies with my mom.
I just wish that it was ever what I wanted to see. And while she's insisting that she'll go see Minority Report... she'd hate it. Really. She would hate it. I know her taste and it's the sort of thing that, were it on USA, she'd get annoyed that my father was watching it. So I can't just say "yeah, let's go" knowing she's going to sit there and not enjoy herself at all.

So I'll see minority report when it comes out on video or something. And I have no interest in seeing Signs.. but uh, I think that's my choices since I can't get her down to the art theatre in norfolk to see L'Anglaise et le duc . Or to at least get her to go to Portsmouth so that we can see signs at the historical Commodore theatre.
I could deal with seeing something I'm pretty sure I won't enjoy if I'm somewhere cool.

I could see K-19, Eight Legged Freaks, Like Mike, Lilo&Stitch, Martin Lawrence- Run Tel Dat, Men in Black 2, Mr. Deeds, Stuart Little 2, The Country Bears or the Master of Disguise.... there's just a WEALTH of WONDERFUL movies to go see. Yeah. Vomit and puke.
And ya know, even though I've been told that it's a good movie, there so much hype around Road to Perdition that I'm dubious.
And I couldn't deal with a bleak drama today.

Aren't you happy you read this? I KNOW I AM !

I just got back

From seeing Signs.
I'm sort of shocked. It made me cry. It was absolutely *nothing* like what I was expecting and *wow* thank god for that, eh?
But I'm not an asshole so I won't talk about the particular plot points.

It just really hit something with me. Heh... I'm giddy, and bubbly and I sort of want to blab a lot but uhm.... I don't think most of you would get it.

And the one who would is busy.

So what I'm saying is that Karl needs to get off work *right now* so I can talk to him.
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Oh, and remind me to never read a review of something I liked for a very specific reason after I've already I decided I liked it for a very specific reason.
Mr. Cranky eat my steamy cocknuts, mmkay?
"oh no! It wasn't about aliens! BURN THE DIRECTOR!"
idiot. He's an idiot and the people who replied to that review are idiots too and no I'm not linking it and yes, I know he's sarcastic as all hell but no, that's not the point.

I dug the movie.
For me.. this movie just happened to come along at *exactly* the right moment to give me goosebumps, make me think and make me smile a LOT at a LOT of things.
I dug that it wasn't about aliens.
Just like I dug it when The Sixth Sense wasn't about ghosts and Unbreakable wasn't about super human strength.

It's cliched, it's a little slow in parts, and Joaquin Phoenix bothers the hell out of me...but I still have my reasons.

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I'm having some Arbor Mist wine wine cooler.
My mom and sister got one of those enormous bottles the other night and now it's about 1/4 full and taking up too much space in the fridge.
I can't believe they couldn't finish the bottle. I'm ashamed of them. If you forget that this stuff is supposed to be anything other than alcoholic kool-aid, it's not bad. Makes me feel like I'm 15 and drinking boones farm and MadDog and smoking tiny lil shake joints with the guys drinking icehouse and OE.
Ahhh... those halcyon years. Hehe.