August 6th, 2002


A wonderful reccomendation.

When I see a review like this, I just know that this is an album for me. ::Nods::
(one of the reviews for Subliminal Sandwich from Meat Beat Manifesto)

"Not Recommended for the Weak of Heart, July 14, 2002
Reviewer: cale1321 (see more about me) from Tacoma, WA United States
This is by far the creepiest album I have ever listened to. I have a very diverse taste of music, and am used to and welcome surprises, so when a friend who knew I liked NIN recommended this album to me, I was all thumbs! However, to my deepest dismay, I find it hard to believe that anyone who has ever left the dark, inner dwellings of their home could enjoy this 2-disc set. Complete and utter chaos was what came to mind while listening to Subliminal Sandwich, not art by any means. I prefer to stick with the more tasteful techno tunes of Chemical Bros, Fatboy Slim, Crystal Method, Prodigy and NIN, and spare myself the bitter taste of heartburn. "

"tasteful techno" hehehe...that's an insult if I ever heard one.

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