August 16th, 2002



I have a jar of dry roasted sesame seeds from Planters.
They have a "vaccuum seal" lid.
I've found great joy in the noise this lid makes when you open the jar. I thought it would only do it the first time I opened it and released the seal, but it's still doing it. Though I can't do it too often as it stops working. It needs time to really seal sufficiently, at least 10 minutes, before you can pop it again.
It just makes an incredibly satisfying sound.
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I'm bored. I want to move that cabinet in here and arrange some things, but I also need to do some clothes shopping (and, like a little kid... I need a reward to go. This time the reward is a trip to the craft store for foam core and maybe other stuff.)

I don't want to go... but well... I gotta.
Bleh. Bleh bleh bleh.

When did I revert to a 12 year old?

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My mother is the crankiest driver on earth.
She's also the most impatient person to ever utilize a drivethrough.

I don't do the fast food thing but once in a very very long while. But I like Hardee's peach shakes and haven't had one in probably well over a year. So suggested it. Well, they were mixing the shake stuff when we ordered, so it took awhile.
My mom said "What are they doing? Growing the damned peach trees?!" and comments that were variations on that theme for the whole 5 minutes we waiting.
I checked my watch.
It was really only 5 minutes.... "Guh, now we have to drive up.... he should have told us that 10 minutes ago!"

I'm not good around screamers or hand slammers or people like that. So it gets pretty aggravating being in the car with her sometimes because she just won't calm the hell down.

But I've got a peach shake.
And clothes, and my contact, and the foam core I need to finish my little project.

And I don't hate my face today. I don't hate my body today (it helped that a size I really didn't expect to fit, did.. and did so ampley). And I got stuff done so I'm feeling okay.

so far. ::grin::

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An assortment of pics. Some are from last week, all of them are digital, none of them were taken with the viewfinder or the view screen. I prefer with the digital to just hold it out and shoot and I've had really nice results and very few flubs.
So point and shoot definitely has its advantages.
Oh yeah .. and just because I'm posting pictures doesn't mean that I'm asking you to rip them up and tell me what's wrong with them all. If you have some honest criticism... something you think might make a picture stronger or something, feel free to say so. I don't mind that at all.
Just don't come at it with an attitude. If you give me your opinion in a manner that's offensive, I'll be offensive right back at you.

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My father keeps asking me if I feel alright.
I'm shaking, stumbling, and have a look on my face that broadcasts loud and clear that I just don't feel well.
So I told him what happened. I made a sandwhich earlier with a boca burger (because we have no buns) on toast with some cheese.
About 4 bites into the sandwhich I looked down at the sandwhich and realized that I'd eaten about half through a 1/2 dollar size circle of bright green mold.
So I threw up about 4 times.
Since then, I haven't been able to even think about food. It makes my stomach clench.

Well, I'm someone who can FEEL their bloodsugar drop. So I've just gotten worse all day.
I have finally choked down half a chicken pattie. That's uh .. all I'm going to be able to manage, I think.

But I'm posting this because my father just told me that mold is beneficial. That unless you eat lots and lots of it... it's not bad for you. In fact it's good.
I explained to him that there are many molds that are lethal if ingested, and that just because one type of mold turned out to be a great anti-biotic, doesn't mean that ALL MOLD is good for you.

He just kept explaining that it was good for you and telling me to drink lots of water.
I'm the spawn of stupid.
Pure fucking stupid.
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