August 24th, 2002


I woke up with a moloko song in my head. I want a bagel.

I woke up over and over last night. No restful sleep for me. Either the bed was too hot or the pillow wasn't right or the cat was trying to get comfortable on the tiny bed with me, thrashing all over the place. He decided that standing on my chest was the best place to ride out the turmoil.
My cat is not a small cat. When he lays on his side, with his head laid on my shoulder and stretches out a little, his back paws rest easily just below my knees. Now, I've got a short torso and I'm only 5'6", my legs are the longer portion of my body... but still. That's a really damned big cat.
And he's heavy.
I have little cat paw sore spots now from his chest-standing this morning. But, well... I'm used to that.

I had a nice long talk with Karl last night. Dammit I like him. He's just good and fun and intelligent and one of my very favorite people ever. I've no problem saying that becuase I've known him since May. He's rocked since May. He doesn't show any signs of stopping rocking... so I don't have any reason to think that the whole facade is going to drop and he's going to be an asshole underneath it all. That's such a new thing. But *man* is it a good new thing.
yeah yeah yeah ... gush gush gush.

I'm drinking coffee. I work 2-6 today (yes, the hours pick up in the next pay period... they apparently run sunday to saturday so there'll be 21 hrs or so... not putrid, not great, but I can deal), which is fine... but tomorrow I have to be there at 8. I haven't had to be up before 8 in the morning in a really long time.... almost a year, in fact. I need to learn to put specific hours I can work instead of just saying I'm open to anything. I'm already getting flip flopped between morning, afternoon and evening hours quite a bit in the next week.
Ah well, keeps me from working with the same people all the time and it keeps me from getting stagnant in a routine. And it's money.
That's the important bit to remember. All in all, it's okay. I'm not doing anything soul sucking, and I'm being paid. Which will lead to a car. Which will mean I can see Karl (yes, it's a major consideration. He's my best friend and he makes me happy. I need that.) and I can go pick up Jessie and make her get out of the house in ways that *aren't* going to the bar with whorehey. I'll also be able to save money for awhile too so that I can start MT school and not be immediately freaked out by the loans I'll have to take...

Heh.. thinking too far ahead again.
Job... check.
Now I work and save and the rest will sort itself out.
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And it's only $200....

But I think I found my winner.... I only wonder how they would fit on my head.

Comparing their stats to the Akgusa....
The highest range of sensitivity that any of the Akgusa have is to 94 dB/mW, where as the sony outputs to 107 db/mW
The power is off the charts on the sony (3000 mW) as compared to the 200mW of the Akgusa and the frequency range of the Akgusa (15-25,000Hz) just isn't as impressive as the super low range capability on the sony (down to 5 Hz).

Now, do I know if that really makes *that* much of a difference?

Still impressive.
(and since I've no idea of a price range on the Akgusa... I don't know if they're a total rip off or just not made for the same sort of sound...)
I didn't look very far into the Sennheiser 'phones becuase they struck me as being very very similar to the Akgusa and I'm of the mind (and I could be horribly wrong here) that they're just geared toward different things.

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I really dislike being made to look and feel stupid.
Telling me nothing, teaching me nothing, and then treating me like an imbecile because I don't know it... guh.

If you're going to throw me around in different areas... at least give me an idea what you want me to do. If you're going to offer to help me out when I have a question (or when a customer has a question that I don't have the answer to) ... then you need to be accessible. If you're going to talk shit about me ... at least make sure I'm out of earshot.

Not happy with the work thing today. Not happy at all.