August 27th, 2002


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I woke up feeling like hell from a weird sleeping position and the now nearly constant sinus issues.
But last night I cracked open the Nobilo '99 Charddonay and was shocked and amazed that my mom liked it. She had 3 very full glasses (bizarre for her) and said several times that she would have to get more.
It was alright. I'm not really fond of Charddonay.
Am I even spelling that right?

I really feel shitty. I'm hoping the pain drugs and the sinus drugs kick in and keep working before I go to work.
I'm also hoping I don't get stuck in a section I hate. Heh.
simple things... simple things...

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I should never ever ever EVER talk about anything I actually care about online. Especially in IMs.
I know this, but I still do it.

So I can end up wondering if someone stopped responding because something got fucked up with their computer or because they just.. uh.. left on me. It happens a lot.

The simple misinterpretations that crop up because of the lack of tone of voice... tiny little misunderstandings that seem *huge* because text can't put on a sympathetic face.
I really really need to learn this lesson.

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I stayed an hour late at work. I'm very tired. I sort of exhaust myself because I'm overly meticulous, I want to make everyone happy, I want to impress and stun then with my efficiency... but I don't know what I'm doing or where anything is.
So I'm exhausting myself.

Oh, and the dude I was "working with" (I covered his lunch and he didn't bother to tell me when he was back.That's as much contact as I had with him) looked a lot like that leader singer dude from Linkin Park. So he was probably a dweeb in high school too. I know for sure that he's sort of an asshole.

But I changed and sat down here and I was reading through some things... This entry hit me as something pretty special and good and something that leaves me with a wry grin, despite exhausting myself.