September 2nd, 2002


In my email.

My name is Kimba D'Michi and I operate a news/discussion group regarding serial killers. David Lohr, author have put this news service together to keep you informed about the plethora of serial killers in our midst. Based on your interests in Live Journal I thought you would enjoy our group as well as becoming a great asset to our list. We are a group of over 600 people.
With this news service you will receive the most current and up to date information on Serial Killers, past and present. Collapse )

Fucking freaks.
And they didn't use line wrap so It's a long horizontal scroll for most of it.

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Okay... so read today's Goats.
Mark is so much more dreamy than that.

thehe... the International League of Pedants... jeeeze...mee the creator of the comic and he starts basic ideas on you.

Pedant Boy and Prolix Lad.... our new american heros.