September 3rd, 2002


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Working with Joe today. Interacted with the dude quite a bit. I don't know why he bugs me as much as he does. But boy howdy, does he bug me.
He shouldn't.
He's got frosted tips and spikey hair, fer chrissakes.
But there's this... vibe to him. I get the distinct impression that he'd really rather he never had to talk to me or interact with me.
And it never failed today that every time he sought me out for anything, I was doing something really goobery.

But then, he pops up about 20 minutes before he got off and let me know that all my areas looked really good, that I was doing an excellent job, that I just had to do one aisle and the market area at the front.

And I feel like derek zoolander when I talk to him. I say "cool" way too much.

I don't know. I think it might just be because he's around my age and most of the other people I've had interaction with aren't. But one of the leaders apparently was saying nice things about me right before I entered the break room... so yeah. It's not all bad.

I don't know where the fuck this whole eager to please thing came from and I don't think I like it.

I was scheduled 2:30 to 11 tonight. I worked until 11:45 and that was only because the manager finally decided that she really wanted to go home. There was still reshop.
Apparently today was, in their estimation, worse than christmas. So if I can deal with an area as huge as I had by myself (and except for an hour of reshop doing by Joe ... which I thoroughly appreciate... it *was* entirely alone) on a day like today then I guess it isn't too bad.

I'm new. I have to quit being so hard on myself. Heh.. I have to quit being so hard on myself in general.

I miss the Karl.
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And there is mail from the Karl... but I can't read it.
Becuase for some reason the mails are displaying.. I can open them.. but there's no content displayed.

Today has been fucking with me.

Update: Karl was in the area this afternoon. He isn't now. Today has officially been the most fucking with me day I've had in months.

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"about face boot camp" counselors.
Have you seen these people?
I made the mistake of leaving the tv on and Jenny Jones came on. I didn't realize that Jenny Jones was still on the air. OH but it is. And it's gotten more like Jerry Springer, less like Ricky Lake, and I have to wonder what the fuck is wrong with Jenny Jones that she keeps on with this swill. She was a stand up comedian once upon a time. And though she really wasn't funny and her main claim to fame was the height of her hair (think Rhonda Sheer from *UP* all night, but without the tits), when she started her show she actually seemed to care, and to want it all calm and to help people.

I wonder if she's finally just snapped and decided that all humanity is a cesspit, you might as well make a buck off it while you can or if she honestly thinks that this is harmless entertainment for us and *help* for these people. I mean... there is a guy who comes on for the sole purpose of standing on the stage and insulting people. The audience loves him. Becuase, hell, what is it besides FUNNY when a chick has had 4 kids, all by different fathers, and she's arguing which of *3* guys the father of the 5th kid might be. Or when there are more than enough chicks in the same situation to choose from that they never have a problem filling a show.
I don't think I really have to rant about the content. We all know the content.

The thing that trips me out is the "about face boot camp" counselors. These are guys with severe military builds (and sometimes uniforms) who come out and scream at the guests (usually 'out of control teens'), drill seargent style. They're from a boot camp where you can send your kids. Where they will treat them like they're... well... in boot camp.
Nevermind that these places are very often the subject of investigations into severe abuse toward the kids sent there. Nevermind that the "counselors" are usually ex-bouncers, ex-cons... anyone who's burly and willing to scream at and degrade kids.
These are a good thing?
How are these good things?

My father was a great proponent of the "fear = respect" method. Trust me when I tell you that it's utter bullshit. It doesn't work. Fear just equals fear.
So it's really damned silly to me to watch Jenny Jones and see them have these overgrown, overly muscled parodies of manliness stand and scream nose to nose with a 12 year old and pretend that that will "scare them straight." Partly becuase, these kids are really not *that* bad and if any of their parents would ever just have a conversation with them or set a rule it wouldn't be an issue at all; And partly because if they *are* that bad, they'll bullshit it while on the show and then go home and go right back to how they were.

I dunno.. I'm just baffled that *this* is now where we're at. With television, entertainment, our kids... bleh.


I need a really good pair of sneakers for work. Well, I say sneakers... that's just an assumption. Basically I need the most comfortable, durable pair of shoes I can get that will keep my feet from aching and have enough cushion and bounce that endless walking back and forth all day on concrete doesn't kill my joints as much. I'm one of those people for whom LOW IMPACT makes a big difference, so horribly screwed up are my knees.

I've been coming home nearly limping, not really sleeping at all because of the pain in my leg joints, and I can't even stand and put my hands on the floor with my legs straight anymore becuase of how much strain the muscles are in because they've been compensating for the joints... and I'm a really flexible person, so that's just wrong and very very bad.

So... does anyone have any suggestions?
I kind of like the sketchers I've seen, but I dunno if they're really going to do the job. I'm not worried about cute as much as I am about functional... though I'd prefer they not be ass ugly. Any of you joggers or really into sports or something? Anyone have joint issues and can give me some suggestions as to what the hell to do?
I mean.. this is really really bad. I've had knee problems for years and it's never been this bad unless I actively did something stupid to mess them up. I thought I'd just get used to it... but I'm not.
Shoes are part of the problem. I have crappy "hiking" sneakers, which are good for the ankle support (I do a lot of crouching), but left blisters on my feet and I have low vans that are generally comfy, but death on my ankles and just don't have the bounce that I need for the sort of walking I do.

I dunno man... help.
por favor.