September 5th, 2002


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my livejournal notices list in my inbox with their date and the time, but when I go to open them, there is no info displayed aside from the to: from: and subject.

Anyone else having this problem? All other mail is coming through fine so I doubt that it's the server settings or something.

This just started happening monday night.
it's very annoying.

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I really like St. Ives intensive conditioner. It's super super minty and it makes my scalp tingle and it also just makes my hair feel really good. It's especially great when it drips into my eye and I get that tingly mint sensation on my cornea.

yeah.. that's *wonderful*

My brother was over today and was telling me that he bought, at random, some pepper plants, 4 of them. He didn't know what sort of peppers, but he really loves spicy food so he was okay with whatever grew. These peppers ended up being the only thing in the garden that thrived this year. When the plants were full and bushy and covered in peppers, he took one and ate a little of the end, just to get an idea of what they were like. It was really mild, so he chomped through over half of it and quickly discovered that this was the hottest pepper he'd ever eaten.
Half a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk later he was still unable to get the heat out of his mouth. Turns out the peppers were habaneros and he had something like 70-80 of them.
He gathered them all up and took them into work and told the guys to help themselves. One guy who bragged on and on about how well he could stand hot foods quickly apologized after a taste of one. One guy ended up taking them all to this hunting club thing he's involved with where they attempt to make the hottest chili. He washed and trimmed and sectioned them without gloves that night and couldn't understand why his hands *hurt* for the next two days.
The guys at the hunting club passed along a message to my brother that he was forbidden from ever providing those peppers ever again.

On one of the trips to DC I took, me and Karl went to the Palm. We got this appetizer that he loves because of the pepper sauce. It's actually really finely diced habaneros in oil with a little bit of herbs mixed in (why, I have no idea, given that it would be impossible to taste them). He spooned this stuff on to those butterfly shrimp and ate it in the same way I've seen people eat an eclair. It was amazing. Just a little of the oil on a piece of shrimp was enough to leave my tongue feeling like it had been scraped with 40 grit sandpaper for awhile and he just sat there across from me thoroughly enjoying piles of the stuff.

My brother said that habaneros are why so many mexican men are so skinny. Eat one and you won't be able to stomach the thought of food for a good long while...

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oh wow.. holy shit... 4 people deleted me from their friends list last night.

one that I'd removed, one that I never bothered to put back on because chances are he's just going to get his account suspended *again* in fact.. let me check..yup. He was suspended again. One that I think got to me by way of absolutcalm and who didn't post much, was fairly intelligent and interesting.. but I just haven't added anyone in a long time.
And another who got here through debate.

These people have all had me on their friends list for months now. I wonder what it was about last night....
Was my ramble about habaneros just *that* lame?

I don't know why this is all so amusing. But it is.